Wednesday, 17 February 2010

WC updated their site:)

I noticed when I went to browse  the site today that they updated with some more of their spring line that Mitsu wrote about here:)
Specifically the tshirts,which is what I was waiting for them to post up.







I think this one below is my favourite but their all so cute:)



Few other new things they had up

Says Japan on the back of it.



Any favourites??

and then finally my current WC  lusts....ALL out of stock thou,trust me to like unobtainable items eh!
I wish the site would restock them:(

Love this!!Its so cute!!

Love these skirts,I like the shape of them.

Phone deco!!


  SOO cute!!!Also Out of Stock  thou TOT!!!


  1. haha I just updated about my favourites from the new selection. I love the t-shirts, and I badly want those shoes in black lol XD

  2. @Bloomzy~I just commented you posted:Dhaha
    I prefer the blacks aswll,just picked that colour because it showed the details better:)

  3. I'm loving all the new tees~ the 1st & 2nd are probably my faves. Those shoes are pretty awesome too though <3

  4. Yes the brown shows the details a lot better. Shame D:

    Did you notice the red skirt is still in stock? I'm surprised o.O



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