Monday, 15 February 2010

A piece of me ... in Febuary 2010!

Ohhh dear Im late with my "Pieces of me"this month .
 Go to Notes from the toothfairy's blog for more info on the game

This month....
I like:That spring and summer are around the corner,I want to make the most of the good weather and spend lots of time with my friends,have bbq's and go to the beachXD!!

I don't like:Having no long term goal.!!TOT
I thought I knew what I wanted to do with my life and now I feel lost.I know for certain that I do not want to stay in my crappy town and work in retail for the rest of my life(while it works for some its not for me)Sometimes I feel like a big fish in a little pond,which would explain why I feel much happier in Leicester and even London(I love London).
Although everything I want to do is alot of money ,I know I could save for it ,I just don't know what I want any more.I defiantly want to travel,I've wanted to since early highschool,but I've noone to travel with,sure I could do it myself but it more fun to share the experience.
I just don't want to get to 30 ,having not done the things I wanted to.So I quess at the moment Im not very happy.

I want you to know:My blue mood wont last,I am a optimistic person,so it wont last .I just really need to redefine my goals.

I've planned: To achieve some of my short term goals this month and to stop being such a recluse.:O

I want to say to someone special: all my followers!It crept up on me that I have 53 followers:O(I ought to do a giveaway to celebrate)I never really thought I'd get 1 ,so Im very happy :)Thank you!! and any suggestions for improvement to  this blog would be greatly apprenticed XD

I've put a poll up:) at the top on the page. 
 NOTE: option "My everyday like" is suppose to be My everyday LIFE:O ohh typo



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