Monday, 15 February 2010

Shopping service buysXD wc,Glad News and Venti Anni plus a few Coordinates

On Friday my items that I brought using a shopping service arrived ,I oddly was expecting a bigger box no idea why:O
I used Treasure Japan after emailing a few to get quotes,I found them to be very professional and thorough.I wasn't as impressed with some of the others shopping services i emailed tbh.Treasure Japan stood out to me.

My whole transaction with them was easy and pleasant and I will defiantly use them againXD

Heres what I brought
Only 4 items


 Really good quality,not that I was excepting crap but Im very happy with these.
There so cute,and people keep asking me what it says which makes me laugh.

Came with a cute plastic bag tooXDSilly to be excited I know but you don't get stuff like that with Uk brands.

Glad News
 I originally was looking into buy a Gilfy top . I'm really happy with this thou ,since I was alittle worried about buying it as I'm a very tall gal(5'9).It fits me nicely thou,not too short or too tight:) as I had to be mindful of the chest dimensions aswell.Which is the reason why I had to refrain from buying the Gilfy top I was eyeing up.Didn't want to risk it.

Venti Anni 
 I originally wanted some other shoes but they sold out and then I found these.Love the style thou and the heel is better than the ones I originally wanted.

 Close ups:)


 Here are some potential coordinates with my new items with some old stuff I already had thrown together quickly and with no make up hence the heart faces:)
No comments about my poses,they where rushed as my sister camera is mega shit and consumes batteries like theres no tomorrow.
Personally I like to wear leggings or tights  with shorts and skirts and I would for all these except if it was summer.

Jeans:River Island

 Waist coat:Zara
Blazer:F+F(lol aka Tescos)

Boots:River Islands(can be seen clearer in "Im back" post)

 I omitted my face because I looked corpse like:O however here I am without make up!!:O
Haha actually Im pretty fine with going out sans the make up,my skins not perfect mind but I'm not overly bothered if Im seen without it. How does everyone else feel,You fine with leaving the house without make up?

I brought this blazer a couple of days ago ,though Im not 100% on it.I was looking for a light grey blazer since I'm massively addicted to my black one

Opinions?I like it but I wanted a lighter grey one.


  1. Oh you got some great items from Japan! I love those W>C hats of course, so cute! Yeah, it's really exciting to receive the shopping bag with an online order, Japan has great service^^

    I rarely wear makeup out of the house haha. But you are naturally beautiful so I don't think you need makeup!

  2. OMG, those shoessssssssssssss....(*u*)笑

    I like the 2nd and 4th coordinates best! <33 Cute, love the WC hats too. :D I constantly buy sth from Japan, this shopping service is new to me so I will check them out! (btw, there`s sth wrong with your link, I had to google)

  3. Sorry for spamming, my comment was too long xD

    If I just go grocery shopping I don`t mind to go without makeup, but in my case without makeup = just wearing bb cream only. :o The only time I was walking around town with absolutely no make, was when I was leaving sauna at night and going back to my place, I knew I would sleep right away anyway, so I did it and felt very weird. xD It was a new experience to me definitely as usually I always wear some makeup when I go out. Of course noone except me cared, on a late night bus xDDD

  4. Oh!! the clothes are cool!!! and the bonnet are so cute!! I will buy the blue bonnet of WC. One question, as you shop? I have tried to buy for your website but do not know how :(. I'm from Spain and I do not know whether to send to my country. Please tell me!!! Thanks!!
    Ah!! great outfits!!! I like!!!

  5. Love the W<3C bag, it's so cute and the Glad News top is gorgeous. Do you mind if I ask how much the shipping service charged?

    I personally don't mind going out without make-up to lectures, but if its for shopping/nights out I like to wear a little :D

    I like the jacket and I know how you feel. I bought a black blazer recently and I wear it constantly. They just go with everything lol XD

  6. @Sara Mari~I've got a big W<3C crush at the moment:OThank you:)

    @Magdalena~That was my reaction when I saw those shoes!haha.Ahh I've fixed the link now,thank you for telling me:)I think those are my fav coords too:)

    @darkjapanesse~Thank you:)The hats where my favourite purchases,W<3C doesn't ship abroad as far as I know,I used a shopping service to get the items for me and then they mailed it to me.I used Treasure-Japan(link's in the entry now)

    @Bloomzy~Thank you,I don't mind at all.I found them to be the cheapest after getting quotes for a few of them.They also break down their price structure in an understandable way,I swear im getting stupid with maths the older I get.
    Items alone came to £108.99 and the shipping(international and in Japan) and fees came to £69.82.
    This might explain it better~
    I used to do the same for lectures and I always wear some for nights out:)

  7. Thanks for the info, and link. I don't often use shopping services, coz there wasn't much time between the last two times I visited Japan...but I am getting antsy for some new stuff ;D lol

  8. I love everything in this post, the top from H&M I adore. Killer shoes! :)

  9. I'm totally jealous of your w<3 hats & lovely coordis~!
    The grey blazer is quite nice! It doesn't look TOO dark in the photo, so I think it would work well with the transition to spring clothes.
    Those shoes are fabulous too btw <3



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