Saturday, 13 February 2010

I'm back!

I went up to Leicester again,and this time I couldn't resist the MAC counter:O

   So I went from Monday to Thursday,spent most of that with the bf , however the bf went off to Leeds on Tuesday  .So I planned a clubbing night with my ex-housemate,I hadn't been to a night club since Halloween(!!:O) which is weird seeing as her and I used to go a couple of times a week.
   Its not really an option anymore where I live as the 2(yes 2) local clubs are mega shit and just like my town their backwards.Having been to better clubs in Leicester I've grown to dislike my local ones even more,their overpriced and have crappy music,not really appealing.
So we went to Superfly ( I've always liked it as a venue as it a gorgeous Tudor 4 story building.In my 1st yr of Uni,it was called Original Four and was mostly dead:(,but they've revamped it in last couple of years.
Being so club deprived for so long made me even more happy to be there,it was student night on Tuesdays so entry's cheap as were the drinks though I think the bar staff were being generous as they know my ex housemate and the music was contemporary(hint hint~ local clubs)
To sum it up as I could waffle on for a while~It was so much fun,lots of dancing and merriment  and it made me miss Leicester even more.

Monday upon arriving the bf and I went out for dinner at our favourite restaurant Little Tokyo ( for our anniversary(2 years) and kinda valentines day though we don't really celebrate it if im honest.He also gave me these~
As mine broke.

Besides that and some shopping,I've not been doing much for my holiday just relaxing:)
On to my purchases....

I'd have cropped and made them pretty in PS but Im lacking it at the moment:O

The stripe material are PJ bottoms,I had to buy more as mine have all mysteriously shrunk .I say mysteriously as I always wash my clothing on 30 .hmm Oh well.
The noodles and seaweed where given by the bf :)
I brought the RI boots I posted in my RI lust post a couple of entries back.I was in need of some short boots,as my last pair needed to be binned.....about 5 months ago:O and have now aggravated an old ankle injury I had:( Hopefully these will be better for my ankle:D ~There actually black not grey like in the photo.

Picked up a pair of coloured courts as I'd be looking for a pair since before the summer.Not exactly what I was after but I think its the best the UK can do.

I love LUSH,picked up a few bath bombsXD Butterball and Vanilla Fountain and also the new Lip scrub.


Sometime last month I wondered where I could find a lip exfoliator as during the winter my lips become dry and no amount of balm would get rid of the flaky bits(eww)
Anywho I think I love this stuff!It smells like After eights and makes my lips so soft!I didn't much fancy the other varieties~ chocolate (I think) and Bubblegum, which smelt more like Quality Street Chocolates and horrible sickly sweetness.


And finally I ended up at the MAC counter but only came away with this..
I originally wanted Tempting but decided I liked Sable more:)I'm still saving for some NARS,got my eye on a duo and the Orgasm blush,so no more MAC for a while.
    and  then a photo of  Sable added to the  rest of my MAC eyeshadow collection.(NOTE:I didn't buy ALL these this week,this is just my  eyeshadows so far)


Not much of a collection really though my current favourites are Crimsonette(the burgundy colour) , Panamonium Eye palette and sable now:D

Oh and my shopping service Package arrived  so I'll post about that next time,with co-ordinates XD


  1. Glad you had a fun holiday, bebe~! <3
    I love those colours in the Panamonium palette & your purple pumps :)

  2. @sequindreams~Thank you,I do love purples:O



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