Sunday, 21 February 2010

My stupidity and wearing my Dollywink lashes.

Hmm you're probably wondering whats going on in this photo:S.....I am an idiot:(Earlier today I knock freshly boiled tea (!) and it went on my forearm and my thigh.
 I think that my pain threshold is quite high so it didn't hurt too much .I was more worried about it blistering and scarring tbh.So I  ran it under cold water  till it stop stinging and then covered it with bicarb paste as in  the above  photo and then smeared it with Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream.
So now it appears to be fine:)No blistering or stinging so far.I hate burns thou,their ugly and painful.

Any way onto my actual post.So I tried the Dollywinks~ cue photos of lashes applied to my grim end of day make up:O

With half lashes on top lid

with MAC #7

So far : I do like them but the band does appear to be alot thicker than my other lower lashes thus make it more noticeable as you can see in some of the photos.I like the shape of the lash bundles(that make sense?) so I think it makes them look quite natural which I 'd say fits their name "Real Nude"

I will do a review of them probably next week when I get my new camera and can play with them a little more

Yesterday I went to the pub for a friends Birthday.I hadn't seen alot of my friends for a while so it was lovely to catch up:)
It was a perfect opportunity for me to wear my new boots which received alot of compliments:)


Jeans~River Island(my perfect skinny jean)
Shoes~Venti Anni
Accessories~Blanco,Primark and Vivienne Westwood
I wanted to wear one of my WC hats but it didn't really go:(

and finally my cats likes to sit with me while I'm on the computer so I put a pillow there and she seems to like it even more:)


  1. cute eyelashes and kitty ^^

  2. I have to try dollywinks too ^^

    your kitty is adorable *-*

    I'm a new reader, nice to meet you (:

  3. OMG, I hate burns!! D: Once I had a waitress baito and I accidentally grilled mysels on a mini grill for duck dish... xDD I still have the grill pattern on my arm - retarded :I

    The lashes are great! I have a favorite lash combination lately and want to post about it :D

  4. HEy sorry to be utterly random but I'm a mature student studying Textiles/fashion and just wondered where/how you studied Japanese aside your Textiles design course?

    Any idea if the universities offer both of these courses?

    The lashes look gorgeous btw :)

  5. KITTY!! It almost distracted me from how cute your lashes look! I'm obsessed with half lashes. They're so easy to put on without the whole bending mess, and they're looking so great on you!

  6. Ouch! Cute lashes and nice outfit!

  7. Oh man >< Sorry to hear you spilled the hot tea. There's no way I could tolerate that, I'd be crying like a nerd.

    I LOVE your eye makeup!! The dollywink lashes look great on you, so cute! ^^ I love your outfit too, you are totally pretty!!

  8. @Naka~Thank you:)

    @Bommiie~Thanks,Always nice to meet new readers :)Your blog's cute.

    @Magdalena~oww that sounds painful:Oits always my own stupidity that gets me burnt:(
    thank you:)I'll be watchful for your post,I love false lashes:)

    @Claire~Thank you:) I studied it as an evening course at Leicester university.Only once a textiles course was a little crappy to be honest,my tutor's weren't very nice. I don't think their are places in the Uk that offer Japanese along side Textiles or Fashion~maybe the school of oriental and african studies in London?.

    @Mitsu~Thank you:D
    She distracts me on a regular bases,earlier she was watching my computer screen as I was odd:O
    Half lashes are fab,a justifiable obsession I'd say!I'd forgot how easy and good they look.

    @Clairy~Thank you:)Its ok now ,no blistering or anything.I was lucky.

    @SaraMari~I was just really annoyed with myself for being so stupid:(
    thank you:D You too sweet!

  9. Those burns do look painful! :( I hope you're okay!
    The lashes look AMAZING on you~ you're so pretty! <3

  10. Oh man burns are horrible! D: Hope your feeling better. Aw I wanted to get my self a pair form dollywink too, but I never ever wore fake eyelashes before so I decided I better not hehe. Looks really nice on you though (:

  11. Ugh I cringe for you!! I've spilled tea on myself so many times and you never get used to the shock of boiling water on your unprotected fles!. Thank god it didn't blister up for you!

    I notice in a lot of tutorials the Dolly Wink bottom lashes being cut up into singlettes. Maybe it's due to that thick band to make it less noticable? Either way they look lovely~

    I'm a recent converter to the accent lash. I bought some last week and I dunno if I'll be going back to a FULL top lash any time soon, haahaa!

    I love the H&M top! I've seen it in stores and IMO the black version is the best!

  12. oh no!! hope it clears up ok!!

    Love the eyelashes and the shoes <3



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