Monday, 8 February 2010

JELLY03/2010 and some River Island current lusts

NOTE:My blog layouts changed,I'm making a new one as I didn't feel the old one represented my interest and style inspirations anymore:)
I've also changed back to using my actual name rather than "Lanna" since I never really liked it (no idea why I used it then)and a apology for any bad spellings you may find in my posts,I am dyslexic so I religiously proof read but sometimes they get past me.
Also the comment about Candydoll powder~I will put a review up soon,waiting on a better camera before I do:)

So I woke up on Saturday to find my JELLY magazine had arrived XD It was my 1st time actually buying it as I usually look at downloads.The last magazine I brought was Egg way back in the summer,while I still like the old mags I'd previously brought(Egg,Popteen and Ranzuki) I don't really have the urge to buy them any more as I don't really dress in those styles and I tend to get abit overwhelmed by all the different styles and thus decided to stick with one or two .
So I currently like rock and girly(?) styles:)The brands I find I like the most are Gilfy,Gladnews,Delye and recently wc.


Few Photos







This made me think of the post by Mitsu and Bloomzy recently about gyaru hair colours.


River Island
I love RI, I could easily spend a sizable chunk of  my wages in there.I was browsing  there on Saturday (after receiving my mag) and I thought that a far few pieces  kinda strike me as  items you might find in JELLY.

Anyways these are my current lusts,plus about 5/6 more items that aren't on their website:O



And not from RI 

I kinda want this hat!I keep seeing them around  and it looks cute on Nori

I say "kinda"  because I worry it would look silly on me and I also worry I wouldn't wear it if I did buy it.

Thoughts please?
Like? or Hate it?


  1. RI stuff looks great! That first jacket is fabulous and ooooo how dare you taunt me with Jelly >_< Mine's still in the mail D: The girls look great and Maya Mori, such love for her <3 <3

  2. Cute hat! Latest Popteens have been full of them... :D

  3. you hvae great taste ^^
    thanks for sahring some of the pics of the mag :3

    I love the first jacket but i cant think of anything i own i would wear it with

  4. Loves the no 1 top! You have great style!

  5. omg wasn't this issue such love?? <3 I especially loved the models spread with the band jackets~ they all looked so amazing!
    I'm definitely loving Gilfy, DELYLE, & w<3c of course too, haha~
    I think you should try the cancan hat, it would look cute on you! :)



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