Thursday, 4 February 2010

Back from my weekend

So my  weekend in Leicester went as planned,lots of catching up,good food and seeing the bf XD

I managed to resist the lures of the MAC counter but sadly didn't find any clothes I liked  in any of the shops I visited:(
I did come back with this thou....

I already had the grey one but regretted not buying the black one at the time.

Monday I stop by Sally's after work to get some China glaze varnish to stop my nails for splitting.
I'm aware its a sign of B vit deficiency and have started taking my supplements again,so hopefully that combined with the varnish will help my nails.

In the evening I went to see The Book of Eli with a few friends,I have to admit I didn't actually know what this film was about when I agreed to go.I liked it though.

This weekend my friend is having a themed bday party(I dislike themed parties)it was originally chap/chappette/40s style theme but then got changed to steampunk which doesn't interest me at all and I have zero clothing for it .So I'm sticking with the original and doing a Dita inspired look,got the make up down just need to perfect the hair:)

My orders been shipped,so i'll be expecting that in the next couple of weeksXD

Still no camera,Im debating which one to I get the awesome one I've been lusting after for months that I probabley don't really need or just one that good but isn't as awesome as the other one.....oh the dilemmas
The "awesome" lumix Im lusting after ...there's no current contender for the "just one thats good but isn't awesome"camera option,any suggestions would be greatly appreciated:D

TOT Its offical,I have been hit with the winter blues:( If Im honest Im proberly due a low mood recently seeing as I'm hardly ever low.Still it isn't fun,feeling like crap and fail! and a lack of a decent camera doesn't help:(

I also can't spell at the moment ,my spelling usually crappy but today its really gotten rubbish:(


  1. cute signature and i love the top ^^

  2. i like that top

    oh, i will take a look at that book

    oh, i can´t live without a camera...i love taking stupid pics! hahaha

  3. Kudos for resisting at MAC. I come in a close radius of one and I'm like a raccoon hunting out anything shiny and colorful >_<;;;

    That shirt is cute and I love China glaze nail polishes, they're a good value~ Good luck on the nails, mine are kept hidden for that reason ^_^;;

    Winter is suck. Seriously cold rain~!! I mean you'd think the weather could at least snow on us and not give us this sludginess >_<;;

  4. Glad your weekend went well1 <3 Loving the sequin stripe top too.
    I am so completely over winter XD Seriously, it needs to end NOW.



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