Saturday, 13 February 2010

Quick extensions question...

I've been um-ing and ah-ing over getting new extensions for well awhile now.

I've previously had clip ins which I did manage to restore to some degree but still need replacing.

So question....Do I buy some more clip ins or do I get some micro loops instead?

Theres pros and cons with both,personally I don't like the hassle of clip ins and would just like to wake up with long hair...however having not had micro loops before I wonder if they will hurt and get knotted etc

Any thoughts?or experiences?


  1. in my opinion clips are better...i mean, you can wear your own hair and if you want hair extensions you can put the clips when you want.
    it´s more confortable waking up with long hair as you say but...
    i would choose clips

    but this is only my opinion

    good luck on your choice

  2. I find clips more useful. I've never had extensions, but many of my friends have clips.
    Clips are great because you can take them off if you get fed up with them :D And you can still put them back later~

    But just like Mimisa said, this is only my own opinion...

    Good luck! ♥

  3. Clips are better! I had some loop ones and they were fun for first week and hell after that. I ended up loosing so much of my own hair and there was hellish knots and washing them ruined them so fast! Clips ftw! I know you cant do much of hairstles with them but it's painfree :)

  4. I would LOVE to get exte myself too but have been really hesitant...
    Where do you buy your clip-ins though? I think I might give those a try, haha.
    Sorry I didn't have any useful comments! XD

  5. @Mimisa~Thank you for you input:)I think I'll continue to grow my real hair and use some clip ins aswell.

    @chinsa~Clips are the easiest option and thats you for you input,i needed opinions:)

    @Kati~Ohh that's what i was afraid of,so I think you've swung it for me.Clips it is! Clip in hassle isn't as bad as horrible knot hassle...ahh I hate knots!

    @sequindreams~Clip ins are the easiest way into extensions imo.I got my 1st ones from Sallybeauty(brand:American Dream) though is suppose to be good.
    No worries,thank you for commenting thou and I hope this helps youXD



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