Sunday, 28 November 2010

Update:Outfits,Recent purchases

Its been a while,I've not been blogging about outfits and purchases recently because I haven't really been going out or buying anything:O.Its that time of year where noone has any money or can be bothered to go out since its cold and dark etc etc or at least its seems like it is:(

UPDATE:So since last time ,I've been on holiday ..only to Centre Parcs but it was lovely.Just what I needed,spent that week hanging with wonderful people,playing liars dice,swimming,spa and drinking pina coladas! 
After that I've been working(boo) going to Costa and trying to stay warm since its so bitterly cold at the moment:(
Also I have some big newssss
I got accepted onto the CELTA course I applied for XD I  missed the October one I wanted to do as they were full:( but they asked me to come for an interview for the Feb courses.
It was suppose to be me and 5 other people but for some reason it was only me in the interview,oh well it worked out alright.
It's scary but exciting scary:)

First up some belated pictures from my Wales trip

  New faux fur stole from H&M

Barry-M polishes brought on a 2 for £5 thing
Picked up Dusky Mauve <3 and the Instant nail effects polish which I'm not overly bothered about tbh:O
Outfit for a meal at Nandos with my friend

Mini Sallys haul plus Aloe propolis creme
I say mini since most of it was clearance 

Went to London to visit my friend

Where I had the worst Creme Brulee latte from Costa(booo)  but had a lovely time none the less.Chatted and wondered to Oxford Street via Carnaby street which had some bizarre but amusing Xmas decorations:O

Finally got a contour brush and a clear lip liner
Outfit for cocktails, going for Mode look
 Better picture of MAC Mean & green polish

and finally lazar beam eyed cats on the back of a magazine:S hahahaha
and with that I'll end the post.XD


  1. Y so cuuuute?!

    Also, that MAC nailpolish looks amazing!!

  2. CAT LAZERS!! XD hehehe
    Ahh I want your WC hat, you aleways look lovely!

  3. Oh you got that H&M stole! It instantly makes every outfit better XD

  4. Looking gorgeous bb~! ♥ & congratulations on your CELTA acceptance! That's so amazing :D

  5. Beautiful sunset, and I love the laser-eye cats, lol



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