Thursday, 11 November 2010

Nails:MAC Venomous Villains

EEE been busy busy,sorry about that.
So at the beginning of October the MAC Venomous Villains Collection came out, initially when I heard about the release I was really excited and after seeing the swatches I wanted a fair few products.However in the end all I brought was 2 polishes as (at the time) they were very unique and I'm a sucker for anything duo chrome or holographic XD
I was aware that ORLY have dupe polishes in the form of their Cosmic FX collection but that's a very difficult brand for me to get hold of and ironically worked out more expensive (at the time).
*ACCESORIZE (available at Superdrugs in the UK) have just released their new make up line which has 3 polishes that are allegedly dupes~HERE £4 for 10ml*

So I picked up Mean & green and Formidable(bad fairy didn't interest me) at £8 a piece :O most expensive polishes i own now.

On to the photos


Overall impression
I've read reviews of some people loving these and some people hating them with the main complaints being that the brushes are rubbish and the consistancy is too thin so they take forever to dry.
Well for me ,I really like them.Their beautiful colours,my brush on Mean & Green is a bit frayed:( but i can live with it.The consistency is thin  but for me it doesn't take ages to dry cos I do 1 thin layer and then a thicker layer followed by a 3rd layer (and sometimes a 4th depending on how opaque i want it) and honestly I can live with that as long as the layer don't feel to thick.
They chip the same as my other polishes but  i really need a better top coat in order to evaluate that better:O

Price~ They are expensive in comparison to other polishes £8 for 10ml( and their limited edition so their probably  insanely priced now on Ebay)
Price comparisons~ Accesorise dupes are £4 for 10ml,OPI can be £9 for 15ml(Ive never paid that much but thats their rrp)  and Barry-m are £2.95 for 10ml

If your interested in these,I'd probably go for the ORLY ones or Accessories ones as their probably cheaper and easier to get hold of.:D
EDIT:a few better pictures of them in natural light 


  1. Formidable is gorgeousss ♥ That's kind of sad that they're not the greatest quality though... Are the other MAC polishes like that or is it just this collection?

  2. The Formidable one is beautiful! The Mean & Green is a little strange, but pretty as well -- it looks like it has purple in it.

  3. Why did it post my email as my name...? ):

  4. The colors are really awesome! I tried to paint my nails today and one of the colors wouldn't dry so I just had to wipe it off so I could go about my routine. Thank you for reviewing these polishes!

  5. nice nail polishes! love the mac ones =] i'm your 200th follower by the way ^^ you have a really nice blog <3

  6. Those are really gorgeous! Good winter time polishes too I think!

  7. True:D they really are good winter time colours,though my photos don't really do them any justice:O

  8. Yay for being the 200th follower and thank you for following:D

  9. I thought they were really unique colours that i'd not seen on sale in the uk:) so i had to buy:)
    Im always doing that when i paint my nails,i've recently found seche vite polish though and so far its amazing!Makes your polish dry really quick.:)

  10. When i first saw them,i liked formidable the most but after wearing them mean & green is the prettier polish,it has more depth to it...but formidable is still gorgeous.:)

  11. I've heard their polishes are a little hit and miss in terms of quality:O but these are supposedly better quality compared to some of their other ones.
    There not the worst polishes i have but their maybe not the best,and oddly i quite like that they have a thin consistancey.:) I would have preferred to have tried the ORLY ones but the MAC ones worked out cheaper:O



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