Monday, 29 November 2010

Life:October and Novembers favourites

So I've done a post similar to this before(see in and out tag) but thought i'd do one that really highlighted my favourites for the month.

So to begin with as its approaching December and Christmas,that means that the Christmas drinks at Starbucks and Costas have been released XD

Creme Brueile Latte
While i do wish there was a Starbucks where i lived so i could  have another toffee nut latte(though i hate that they charge for soya but thats an argument for another post) my fave this month is a Costa drink,Costa is my cafe of choice in my town as I like the atmosphere and their coffees:)
In particular I am loving their Creme Brulee Latte,yum! Its seriously good.

Inglot Brown Shadow(forgotten the number)
This is from my Inglot palette I blogged about before.While I like my Mac Sable shadow which is a similar colour, this is a darker more chocolaty brown which i find warms my complexion more.
Its been my go to shadow this month.Highly recommend Inglot shadows.

Mac Mean& green Polish
I am in love with duo chromes,their gorgeous.This one reminds me of the colours you get when you see petrol on a wet does that sounds odd but its what it reminds me of.I find it shimmers between green,purple,yellow and red.

Barry-m Dusky Mauve Polish
Another polish:O I haven't yet blogged about this purchase but its alledgedly a dupe for Chanel's Paradoxal .
Either way ,its a gorgeous greyish grape colour with a violet shimmer to it(its abit difficult to describe) <3

Seche Vite Dry Fast top coat
I had heard alot of good things about this top coat and when my CND polish ran out last month ,I purchased this one.
I love this!!Its works so well for me,my polish dry quickly and not only that but it does actually make my polishes last longer.I've always been disappointed with every top coat i've ever brought but this one it just perfect for me!XD
Shiseido Eyebrow Pencil
I usually use a powder and a pencil for my brows but in the last couple of months I've been using my UD powder on its own.I'd forgotten about my pencil:( So this month after rediscovering it,i remembered why I love it.Its the perfect brown for my brows and its blend so well.

Aloe vera

I've been battling with my Eczema this last 2/3 months,its really been getting me down as its on my face:( and my usual products i use to get rid of it haven't been working( i.e aloe vera gel,embroylisse creme,coconut oil etc etc).I remembered I had tried a sample of this about a year ago and really liked it,so i brought it and its really helpedXD
Its a combonation of aloe vera ,bee propolis, and vit E & A and as of this moment my eczema's pretty much gone and the skin is smooth:D *fingers crossed*

Badger Balm
Got this in mid October and I've been using it ever since.This isn't a magic knock you out balm but i definitely  feel it helps me fall asleep quicker.Smells good too:D
So it wouldn't be right to not mention my least faveourites aswell.....this month its the usual hating for the buses(always late!!) and the terrible bitter cold winds that winter bring.:(

What's your favourites for this month?


  1. The first image as a thumbnail looked like a cake hehe
    Either way, its delicious! XD

    Ive been straying away from Barry M since I cant paint my nails because of work
    But I love that colour!!!

  2. The badger balm really peaks my interest haha. I really like the colour of the eyeshadow you showed. Maybe I should check it out :)

  3. That shadow is so gorgeous! D:
    & it's cool that the Barry M polish has a hint of violet~ I thought it was just plain grey but I can see the violet bits now! Lovely~

  4. Love it when local coffee cafes are better than sbux! Sadly it's sbux city here so very few locals. ;_;

  5. LOVE that mac polish! I'll have to look out for it my local shop :)

  6. Also love how that's not a photo of me :(



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