Thursday, 1 July 2010

Music I'm loving at the moment

 I figured I'd make this a more regular post (providing I'm listening to something different each week that is)
Any ways this is what I've been listening to this week I'm still loving Kele Okereke new song aka-the 1st vid from my last music post but Im also loving M.I.A this week and The XX.

I heard The XX  at the beginning of June round my friends and loved it but failed to ask her who it actually was,so I've only recently learnt that they are  who they where,and I am loving there sounds,so relaxing and atmospheric....however I can't help but think their bassist looks like Eminem:o haha.


I also managed to fix the video widths so they don't devourer my side barsXD

Any suggestions for music is always greatly appreciated aswell,I love listening to different things:)

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