Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Music Im loving at the moment(and some tv programs too)

I haven't done one of these post since November eekkkkk ....so what have i been listening to since then.
Well alot and probably not alot aswell i guess:D

Example~Changed the way you kiss me

Chase &Status~Blind Faith
Well really its their whole new album "No more idols"  i've been listening to but this ones still a fave

Benga ~ 26 bassline

these are songs I loved last summer  and stilll love this summer too
Dj fresh~Gold dust

Katy B~Katy on a misson (love her voice)

I love her Radio 1 live lounge performance of Magnetic Man ~Perfect Stranger aswell

Tv Im loving recently....
Theres not a whole lot I like to watch but recently I've watched some old faves and found a few new programs that I've liked.I love British comedy like Spaced,Black Books,Father Ted,The Mighty Booshto mention a few.
Its a bit difficult to find decent clips of some of these shows:(

I've recently had the urge to rewatch  Teachers starring Andrew Lincoln( Rick Grimes in Walking Dead)

While looking for good clips,I stumbled on the American remake.....oh dear it was terrible.I hate it when good comedy gets remade and gets ruined.It usually seems to be things getting remade for the American market as I've yet to see anything American get remade for the uk(I looked it up ,seems we only get American game shows remakes:S)
Im not saying this as a snub at American tv,I love alot of American comedy(Seinfeld,Friends,Scrubs,Big bang theory).

I just wish they wouldn't try to remake good British comedies:( generally it seems the reason their funny is because of their Britishness (at least thats how i see it)...thats a difficult thing to explain but well I guess its like Skins,I saw the US trailer....it just doesn't work.
I guess what Im trying to say is,watch the originals:)(saying that I hear The Office was remade well(i never liked the uk version) and Whos line is it anyways also does well..)

Garth Marenghi's Darkplace
Back in 04 I stumbled upon this program on Channel 4 and instantly love it.It seemed at the time that a lot of people really believed it was a real 80's  show about supernatural going ons complete with 80s special ex,slow mo and bad dubbing ...but its not:D

It was made by Matthew Holness and Richard Ayoade(Moss from It crowd) and also stars Matt Berry(Bainbridge Might Boosh and Douglas Reynholm  from It crowd), a couple of eps also star mighty Booshs~Noel Fielding and Julien Barrett.
I love its cheesy-ness and Dean Learner(Richard Ayoade) brilliant awful acting XD

Can't embedd this one,so I'll have to link.Its a new programs on Channel 4 called "Sirens" have a look here
Im really enjoying it so far :)

What have you been listening and watching recently??:D


  1. I looovvee example!
    ahha ive been looking for some new jams~
    Thanks for these xD

  2. i must watch darkplace, looks so funny!!

  3. Me too:D

    Glad to help,I find it difficult sometimes to find new music so its always nice to find something new :D

  4. It is!!XD I love it,when i feel a little glum it perks me up.I think its still up on 4od.

  5. thank you:D Your blogs really cute,so i added you too

  6. Loved Garth Marenghi! Hilarious if a little bizarre :D

  7. Darkplace, man. <33333 So good. xD  Glad to see you're alive n' all. :]



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