Thursday, 29 December 2011

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I'm sure every post I've made this years has started with the exact same sentiments...."I haven't posted much...Im sorry its been a while..blah blah blah" and after ever post I say to my self I will get back on the posting wagon .......and then don't because of some reason or other.

Initally I wasn't posting because I was having issues with posting pics which in turn just made me not want to blog.I have a lot of post ideas but ultimately get  put off with the idea of sitting on my computer for hours  preparing a post only for blogspot not to upload any of my pictures or just the 1 out of a load(yerr annoying) and then just giving up.

Why now?Tbh blogging   became a chore  and I would feel stressed at the idea of prepping a post.
 When it gets like that you know you need a break or to quit entirely.
Anywho I hadn't thought about it for months and months and then I had a few people ask me "what are you doing with your blog?are you still blogging?You should start again..etc etc" .....and my reply would be well at the moment its dormant but I intend to write again I just need some time and some inspiration.(So I hope that I can make time from now on and since the trip I've felt far more inspired to write)

So quick update,most of my time since I stopped regularly updating has just revolved around work and sleep.I work a lot of evenings (which was when I liked to blog) and incidentally never ended up doing much,due to saving for my trip and an epic hatred for my home town and its lack of facilities.

I also took on another job again but its not like before(where I sometimes ended up working 20 days straight and not knowing which job I was suppose to be at)as I'm only a bank teacher(reserve) and thus when they have the work I get called in.Good experience but well since its unreliable I haven't been able to give up my main part time job (which I do kinda  kinda loath sometimes..its shitty minimum wage)

anddddd .....I went to Japan!(back in October/Novemeber for 3 weeks)
I had been wanting to go for a very long time but just never seriously got round to organising things.Then this years after completing some goals(CELTA,getting some drive/ambition back)  and being offered (very generously) accommodation at my friends who lives there.
I used my tax rebate(yerr they were taxing my min wage job the bastards!) and after some thinking/getting opinions,I did it! I booked my tickets,flew on my own for the first time(I've flown before just never on my own or for so long,) I decided to go alone because if I'd waited for my friends I'd have been waiting a really long time!aka never.
Best decision I've made all year!!Love it!I had an amazing time,ate lot of awesome food,saw lots of interesting thing and meet lots of wonderful people(who made the trip infinity more wonderful than it already was).

So I'll leave you with a few pictures :D (not amazing quality I'm a shoddy photographer and some are from my bb)

Hope everyone had a good Christmas .:)


  1. I always wanted to go to Japan.It's nice you had a chance ^ ^
    There must be such a wonderful place.

  2. OMG welcome back! 

    I had a lovely christmas with the family, how was yours?

  3. Welcome back! I hope you had crap-tons of fun in Japan!

  4. I meant to ask you if you got one of those cats!

  5. Are the stuff toys Rilakkuma rainbow? They look similar to what I bought online at PIJ They said that they have a lot of Rilakkuma rainbow for sale in Japan. 



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