Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Gyaru:gal spam feat Manami,Detsu and others

  Im just trying to clear the back log of gyaru spam images on my computer,so i hope none of these are repeats :)
enjoy thou:D

 and ...I've forgot who this is,eee sorry Im sure someone will recognise her:)
Im nearly at 300 followers!:O wow thank you.
I've started collecting a few things for a give away:D so keep an eye out for one

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Gyaru:gal spam feat Momoko(alot),Miho and more

Not really inspiration but i thought it was cute:D

Love the chunky knit and denim shorts

Theres far too much amzing-ness from her here <3 it!!!!!
Mm gorgeous prints,shapes,textures,make up,hair...everything!!

I realllly want a sheer maxi skirt:( so hard to find here

Amazing flawless amke up as always,love her brows:D

Beautiful make up again as usual
red lips XD

love the hat and shorts


Loving her darker hair and more mature make up:)

Hope you enjoyed it and found something inspiring :D

Check out my tumblr for more images(not all gyaru thou:D)


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