Tuesday, 8 December 2009

DOLLYWINK now at Ichibankao!!XD

Another heads up to anyone who hasn't seen ,but ichibankao is now selling Tsubasa's Dollywink eyelash range!!
Im so excited about thisXD

(Image taken from Ichibankao's website)
Gonna get a pair once Im done with my Xmas present shopping!!XD

They seem to be selling the lashes and the liners for about 1900 yen which is £13($21) and the case is 1000yen~£6($11)

Now I have to find somewhere to get the nature is lovely lashes:(

(image from Tae&Nori's blog)


  1. I just noticed that too, haha!
    I want to try the liners since I totally suck at applying fake lashes~ hopefully they won't sell out too fast!

  2. haha i just realised about the DollyWink lashes last night from the site when i visited! XD
    i want the Nature Is Lovely lashes too!
    though ive seen 2 types from magazines and they really look like MAC's #7 and #33 XD

  3. Tsubasa's eyelashes are so popular in Japan now!
    I really wanna try them, but I haven't yet...
    Im looking forward to see the pics that you're wearing those lashes!



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