Tuesday, 8 December 2009

A piece of me.... in December 2009

I thought I'd do Notes from the Toothfairy's Game,I liked the sound of it:)

This month....

I like:getting into the spirit of Christmas and thinking about awesome gifts to get people XD
I don't like:Working on Christmas Eve and possible New Years Eve and Day TOT Sucksssss
I want you to know: that I always respond to comments....sometimes though I don't find them till alot later ,but I will still respond XD
I've planned: To be more proactive! and I will revise my Japanese ,otherwise its "use it or lose it!"I also intend to resume my French and improve itXD
And be a better bloggerXD

I want to say to someone special:I have too many special people to pick:O
Hmmm I'll pick all the people who follow and comment my blog this month:DThank you for all your wonderful comments and for reading:)!X


  1. hey babe, thanks for joining my little game! hope you liked doing it.

    I'm glad you're in the mood of getting people their gifts! I have noooo clue what I should get, and I really need to start the christmas shopping!


  2. Awe, this was such a sweet entry! :3



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