Wednesday, 16 December 2009

5 most worn

Just felt like doing this
The rules are simple, list your most worn:

1) Lipstick/Gloss
2) Earrings
3) Shirt
4) Nail polish
5) Shoes
6) Hair product
7) Perfume
8) Hangbag/Purse

1) Lipstick/Gloss
My used lip product is either a base of barry-m 101 or MAC painterly covered with MAC pink fish and Lancome Strawberry sorbet or MAC C-tru

2) Earrings

I always wear my Vivienne orb, and a ice cream skull in the other ear.Recently I've been favouring a pyramid stud in the other ear,But always with the orb.
I for some reason just can't wear the same earings ,it feels odd to me:S

3) Shirt
my most worn shirt,uhh thats difficult cos I tend to have a set of shirts that I favour at one time.I suppose its my checkered long shirt,it looks awesome paired with shorts ,heels and a big belt:D

I also wear my Mickey top far too much though i've been giving it a rest recently:) and my d'espairsray top has been very well loved in the past

4) Nail polish

Currently,Nail inc Elizabeth street,I don't like the formulation but I love the colour.Perfect for sneakly wearing polish at work:DHowever I work in retail and fail to see how my wearing polish would affect my ability to sell car parts!

I pair it with Chinaglaze Fairy dust!!SO gorgeous!Love that as well as Mavala's Tokyo~gorgeous blue purpleXD

5) Shoes
Probably my short boots and my long boots.During winter Im always in boots.My most worn shoes ever thou would be my blue shoes from Office and my skull undergrounds that I wore to death(literally!!)

6) Hair product
Batiste Tropical:)Dry shampoo,Chi silk infusuion,l'oreal hot curl/straight and Aussie 3 minute:)

7) Perfume
Emporio Armani~diamonds!LOVE IT!!!!Its gorgeous!!!

8) Hangbag/Purse
Marc b bag or my Peacock's heart purse.......I have a thing for heart quilting:)

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

DOLLYWINK now at Ichibankao!!XD

Another heads up to anyone who hasn't seen ,but ichibankao is now selling Tsubasa's Dollywink eyelash range!!
Im so excited about thisXD

(Image taken from Ichibankao's website)
Gonna get a pair once Im done with my Xmas present shopping!!XD

They seem to be selling the lashes and the liners for about 1900 yen which is £13($21) and the case is 1000yen~£6($11)

Now I have to find somewhere to get the nature is lovely lashes:(

(image from Tae&Nori's blog)

A piece of me.... in December 2009

I thought I'd do Notes from the Toothfairy's Game,I liked the sound of it:)

This month....

I like:getting into the spirit of Christmas and thinking about awesome gifts to get people XD
I don't like:Working on Christmas Eve and possible New Years Eve and Day TOT Sucksssss
I want you to know: that I always respond to comments....sometimes though I don't find them till alot later ,but I will still respond XD
I've planned: To be more proactive! and I will revise my Japanese ,otherwise its "use it or lose it!"I also intend to resume my French and improve itXD
And be a better bloggerXD

I want to say to someone special:I have too many special people to pick:O
Hmmm I'll pick all the people who follow and comment my blog this month:DThank you for all your wonderful comments and for reading:)!X

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

In and out....MAC lashes and my trip to London:D

I actually have something to turn into an IN and OUT post:D


St Ives elements~Microdermabrasion
I saw this randomly at Tescos and was drawn in with the Microdermabrasion description.It states on the packaging "Reveals younger looking refined skin~Fine mineral crystals and chamomile"My skin isn't actually that awful(nor old) but I'd like it to have a more even tone and improve any spot scars I have.
So far I'm really liking it.I've had no adverse reactions to it and it makes me skin feel lovely,so soft. I can't comment on any long term effects as I've only had it a week and used it about 3 times.

I've not talked about this before,but its the only glue I use for my eyelashes.I've got it in dark tone ,which I love.Perfect it you wear alot of liner like myself.
I've recently aquired the clear glue aswell and so far I'm liking that too.It holds well and is easy to remove:)
Chinaglaze-Fairy dust
A gorgeous glittery topcoat,good on its own and over nail polish:D..(One on the right)


The wind!!!!
It's the only weather I hate,rain/snow I'm fine with as long as it's not windy.
You know your getting ready, doing you hair and apply some lipglossStep outside and before you know it,your hairs all over the places and most of its stuck to your lips~its a lovely look to sport:(

Unreliable people:(
I tend not to rely on others for help as more often then not they let me down.Sounds pessimistic but well that what tends to happen to me.I've had good experiences too but its always the bad ones you remember:)

Feeling like coffee house employes are annoyed at me for asking for soya milk lattes
I always feel like they think I'm just being awkward when in fact I CAN NOT have dairy!!!Its not a lifestyle choice ,its a necessity!
I really felt this on Sunday when I wentto *generic coffee house* to get a nice nut soya latte and wintessed the guy who took my order tell the women who was going to make them and her looking really pissed off and mumbling something to him about soya.In the end both me and my bf end up with plain horrible lattes with not flavours either on purpose or because she forgot the syrups!Not impressed!:(

So my trip to London.....
I went down Thursday ,and that night I met up with a friend for Sushi dinner and just hanging out with her.I had a lovely time with her,I don't get to see her often but its always fun.
We visited a sushi resturant that neither of us had been before.It was a conveyor belt sushi place,it was really yummy but the service was lacking:(We sat down and didn't know what to do about drinks or anything,noone came and ask or anything.Good sushi thouXD

I've been favouring my blazer recently,this is my OOTD(From Friday)

Simple and casual for a day of walking around Westfields Shopping Center
My bf and I went to browse Westfield ,I've never been before and thought it would be a nice day out for us.I'd gone mostly for the MAC shop but ended up deciding not to get a Mineralize skin finish Naturals.

Purchases from Friday
Looks like a Delyle top,no??

More sequins!!!!I think this is suppose to be a dress but because I'm so tall its a long top on me.Love it thou!

Studded bracelets,I've been after some like this for a while but the UK high street doesn't seem to have anything similar
TEA!!I have a tea problem,I currently have a cupborad for my teas:S and my mum has said "no more teas!":O
I coundn't resist this one thou,I've had it before and its lovely.There isn't a Whittard's anywhere near me either.

On Saturday,the original plan was to get some Purikura:( and meet up with a friend with the bf for dinner.
However that changed to just getting sushi and then going home to watch dvds,as we where all tired.
Saturday's purchases

Replacement lower lashes as I've lost part of my originals(must get better storage for lashes!)
Clear Duo glue for my MAC lashes
Curry blocks to try a recreate Chicken Katsu Curry:D
Embryolisses Lait-creme concentre,I've been after this for about 6 months but I haven't been to London to get it.I'd seen this crop up many times recently in Ranzuki and Egg,so I read some reviews and it sounded good.So far I'm liking it,it has a nice smell that reminds me of something from my childhood and it makes my skin feel really soft.However I've only been using it since Sunday.

RILAKKUMA planner!!!!
I'm due to get a new scheduler soon,and was looking into getting a rilakkuma one.While wondering around ART BOx on Saturday,I spoted this and was smitted!

Sushi lunch followed!!
I love Prawn tempura Tamaki!!It's one of my favourites!

Followed by hmm Melon cream soda,tasty but unfortantly I couldn't drink too much of it as it contains milk!:(

I've been on the hunt for a good lip balm recently,I wasn't liking my usual Strawberry Chapstick~its been feeling abit greasy to me.So I thought I'd give Burt's bees a go,I got lured in by the Honey one.However it smelt AWFUL !!I couldn't get over the smell,I ended up giving it to the bf.Next day,I got the original one instead,however I don't think its as moisturising as the honey one:(Oh dear,at least it smells alot better:D

I tried this top on as well,its just the black version of the one I brought.Kinda wish I'd got this one too,but money doesn't grow on tree:(

Soooo.... I finally got to try out my MAC lashes,I've had them sitting in my make up box for ages.I kinda feel like my "lack of glue" excuse was just that ,an excuse !Not to take them out of the box and use them.I was reluctant to use them I think because I wanted them to stay looking perfect.Silly, huh?
I cracked thou.....

#7 and #33 quickly thrown on over my EOTD make up, aren't they nice thou?(don't mind my rush application:O)

And Thank you for the comments and vote on the lenses poll,it really helped me :D

Candydoll on Ichibanko

Just a heads up,I was checking out ichibankao earlier and they are now selling the Candydoll blush and highlighter.

They also sell the lipglosses and the face powder which I just recently got from them,so I'll hopefully be doing a review of soon.
I've only shopped with them once,but I will shop with them again.:D


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