Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Life:urban decay Naked palette,YSL lipstick and some other purchases

I feel like I've got writers block:( just can't seems to think of what to write about these days.
So I'm just gonna write and hope it break itself:)
so recent purchases .....recent being from feb/march to not all the recent I guess hahaha
(some of these might be repeats from my bb spam post because their better photos)
3 for 2,brought another fresh start cleanser and 2 other ones to try

 I mentioned this in my bb spam..but heres some better pics as my bb has a awful camera:(
YSL Rouge Pur Couture#06 which if your following my twitter you might know of my love /lust for YSL lipsticks......I really do love them
 XD this ones embossed with the YSL logo ,my Rouge Volupte wasn't:( (probably because its softer)
Quick swatch for  you to see how it looks.
 naturally i had to put it next to my other YSL lipstick(rouge volupte #7) ...and as wonderful as the packaging is ,it does have a downside..fingerprints and smudges show up reallly well:(
 Comparing the colours.....#7 is a light pink where as #6 is peacher,their different formulas too.

and then on to the biggest purchase and lust for a while the Urban Decay naked palette..again if you've been following my twitter you'll know all about my longing for this item.It came out agesss ago but at the time i didn't buy it as i didn't have the money for it and figured bah i'll get it later.Big mistake,its been sold out ever since :( but finally i managed to get it and for cheaper:S
Debenhams were having a sale at the time,something like 10% off or something either way i picked it up for £28 pounds which sure does beats the stupid £40+ some people where charging on ebay ..the nerve of some people eh!

enough rambling..on to the swatches as their about a million already by other bloggers on the web.

 I'm so glad i have this,its quickly become a staple in my everyday make up and it really is a beautiful palette.
Packaging could be better(its this velvet stuff that picks up everything) and the brush I got with it ,is pretty lousy tbh but im happy with itXD

Picked up the new Maybelline gel liner when it was on offer at boots,I saw that it was rated quite highly in gal magazines so was interested to try it....
 Comparing it to my very old(probably needs replacing)MAC gel liner
 Its early days  as I haven't used it alot so I can't say for sure what I think of it ,the brush that came with it thou is growing on me but I have suspicions the gel liner its self isn't as good as my MAC.I'll try and write a proper review once I know what I think of it:)

Heres some better pics of the astro projector I bought and assembled badly...and now sadly its falling apart:(
 isn't it pretty thouXD

better pic of 17 Hot chilli lipsticks which is apparently an alleged dupe for MACs morange

blah  random needs purchases heat spray,shampoo..eye wash  ... then gorgeous coral pout polish by Sleek...<3 it!

Barry-m lipstick in 57(super neon pink..bought it instead of buying MAC candy yum yum) and Shu Uemura curler I bought after reading Jenny's post about it..<3 it!

New schedule book as mine ran out 2 weeks before I got this one and I was utterly lost! Then I received  unexpected items from the sun...way back in feb I tried to claim this free Barry-m kit from my local Superdrugs but was told that they were out of them...this was on the day the paper came out.I was shocked but I emailed the sun and they told me to send in the coupon and then I forgot about it and bam this arrived.

Bought my first Illamasqua product(the other item was a gift for my friend)'d think being the make up lover I am that I'd love Illamasqua and lust after it but well I don't ..... it baffles me that I don't but well they just don't do anything for me.I'll keep an eye out thou,maybe I'll change my mind:)

Picked up some Sleek lipsticks on a 2 for £6 thingy,rather impressed by them.The formula reminds me of my MAC Amplifed creme lipsticks:) and their in gorgeous colours too!

More random daily purchases such as mouthwash and toothpaste(riveting eh!)
Love the Cushion thou!I love skylines,and the different layers of this one sealed it for me.

Then finally I took advantage of the Buy one get one free offer that was on all Disney films and added to my Pixar collection XD

:D x


  1. Alanna, WE MISS YOU!! ♥
    omg so many fabulous gets! I'm so jelly that you snagged the Naked palette! It really looks so glorious ♥___♥ & I'm loving the shades of those Sleek lipsticks~ the Stiletto one looks so pretty.
    Hope to see you posting more~ whenever I get writer's block I just hunt down inspirational pictures & post about those, haha XD

  2. so jealous of your makeup gets!! i am looking for that urban decay palette too, since i saw it on fashiontoast, do you think Debenhams still have it? *_*

  3. :D I've miss you too!
    The naked palette really is glorious! I love it ,use it everydayXD and the sleek lipsticks are surprisingly good quality,if you ever want me to do some uk  make up shopping for you i can:)
    I'll try to post more,thanks for the tip too:)

  4. :D Its a wonderful palette,i can't recommend it enough.I just quickly looked and its still available on the Debenhams site,failing that  house of fraser and boots both stock urban decay products not sure if they have the platte thou.Hope you manage to get one:)

  5. I seriously enjoyed what you had to say about this. Keep going because you absolutely bring a new voice,new color to this topic. AWESOME. I just ordered Rilakkuma holloween toys at PIJ! I’m excited!



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