Monday, 23 May 2011

Life:2 weeks in pictures

This was suppose to be "a week in pictures" post but since I've not posted for a while its "2 weeks in pictures"
I always like reading other peoples posts like this so I thought I'd do my own,I've done them before on my lj but never on my blogspot.

So recently all it seems like I've been doing is working,sleeping and meeting friends for coffee.Can't complain:D, however thats means my computer times limited:( and when I do find myself online I end up with headaches :(

So whats some new cosmetics and make up brushes which I'll talking about another time,had an awesome time at the Norwich gal meet up with some lovely gals which I'll have another post for too and ......its my blogs 2 years anniversary on the 25th.XD 
:O I only realised the other day*bad blogger* Don't think I'll have time to put a giveaway together for the actual day but I'd like to do one for it possible at a later date:D

On to the post..

So last week consistied of....
1.poorly cat sitting funny on the stairs(plus bonus of him sticking his tongue out lol)
2-6.a day with my friend spent shopping,chatting,eating and discussing holidays,
7.Look magazine~Liberty for Nike cute:D

8.nails of the week~ModelsOWN -Jade stone

9.went out to the pub for an evening with work friends

10-13.end of week saw the beginning and finish of the epic task of priming and painting some of my furniture (i hate painting!)

14. The mess left in my room

Then this week... 

1.Received some Melliesh in the post(will show what i got later:D)

2.Began putting Cds from my teens onto my computer..a task I'd meant to do many years ago:O
3.Ended up at the pub again:O and then went to see Thor~Outfit for the day  feat:W<3C

4.picked up some new Barry-m polishes and some Sanctuary facial oil

5.Despite having the new polishes I felt in a Lilac mood and opted for OPI instead(and YSL #7 lipstick for the day)

6. Shared a Blackberry Kopparberg...can't say I'm a fan of this flavour

7.Received my order of real techniques brushes

8.Lol random book I saw in a shop window on a night out

9.Watched some Mighty Boosh<3
10-11~Received my Sigma order

12.Purchased some dupes for the Topshops Sugar heels I really wanted (but couldn't justify the price of.)...these were about about a 1/3 of the price

13. After a long day at work serving pear ciders I had a massive craving for one:D
14.BLUE skittles!!:O
15.Nails of the week~Barry-m peach melba

16.I love how lazy and relaxed cats can be

17.1 <3 sunsets

 pheww all done thanks for reading,hopefully I can get back to blogging on a regular bases.
I guess I've just felt very unmotivated recently and I don't feel like I've got alot to say or show...silly really:( 

So sorry for the lack of blogging (and commenting!)and I hope I can get back on it:D
Thank you for staying while I've been gone:)


  1. Yay how are you finding the real techniques & sigma brushes?? :D
    I got the starter kit it's pretty good... but not as awesome as the sigma flat top kabuki I ordered, it's really good at buffing out foundation and leaves no streaks :D :D xx

  2.  I miss your posts! 
    But it looks like the 2 weeks were good. ^^
    I want to buy more eye-makeup Sigma brushes. Your nail polishes are prety too... 

  3. Hello! Like your pictures and nail polish! Can you please check out my styleblog,too? I`m a girl from Finland and looove everything cute and pretty! Thanks! <3

  4.  heyyy:D I like them and there good ,not as amazing as i thought they'd be but still good:) I do like my sigmas ones more thou:)

  5. Aww thanks:) I've missed posting and commenting ,feels like i've got writers block:( but im going to try harder now:D
    i wanna buy more sigma too!:D Im hoping to save for one of the make me up brushe sets:D Love the fact they come in a case and are brightly coloured.

  6.  Hi:D thanks for reading,i shall check it out:) thanks for leaving a link .I always like reading other peoples blogs when i have time:D

  7.  That purple shade of OPI polish you're wearing is GORGEOUS! 

    Happy soon blogiversary!

  8.  Wahhh nice pics! You look like Bayonetta in the photo of you in the glasses :D

  9. I love love those shoes ♥ You must do a proper OOTD with them soon, haha!
    Congratulations on getting close to 2 years blogging on here~ don't feel bad, my 1 year blogiversary was on the 15th of this month & I planned to say something about it but pshhhh XD lol

  10. Oh my goodness! What a busy day for you! Seeing the pic of your messy room makes me miss the mainland. I've been in Hawaii for almost three months now, and my fiancee and I live in his parents house. We're saving for our own place, but I miss the feeling of making my own clutter :P

  11. you look great on your pic <3



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