Monday, 4 April 2011

Life:update about CELTA and bb spam

Argh I think I've been gone from blogging so long I've forgotten how to write:O haha

Hmm I sorted took an unofficial accidental hiatus,I say that because I had intended to post during my course but  I was busier than I had anticipated:O  and thus no post to say I was on a hiatus.

So those of you who follow my twitter or facebook will know I was on a CELTA course for a month.
  CELTA is a qualification for teaching English to adults (it stands for Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults)it was an intensive 4 week course 9.15-6 for 5 days a week with 6 hours of teaching practice(at 3 different levels) and 4 written assignments.......phew anywho I finished the course(nearly a month ago) and  got a pass:D!!.So now I'm CELTA qualified.

It feels like a lifetime ago that I did it when in reality it finished about 2/3 weeks ago:O It was an amazing experience ..heres a summary of some of the things I can remember off the top of my head....
  • it was very hard,harder then I had anticipated even though i knew it was going to be hard:S
  • I hadn't realised how much work went into teaching before,I knew they did alot but I never realised how much other things they had to think about.
  • I met some amazing wonderful people and I don't think I've laughed that much in a long time(and i usually laugh alot)  It felt like a little family,everyone offering support and getting along.
  • My tutors were beyond fabulous!!I don't talk about it often but basically on my degree course all those years ago, my uni tutors were unprofessional and set unachievable goals and standards.Being under that kind of pressure and stress made my course utterly awful,I'd struggle to make my work better only to be told it was rubbish,no constructive criticism.They'd make bitchy snide remarks,in hindsight i should have put in a complaint but I just didn't think about it then.There was a whole heap of other things but I don't want to dampen a positive post. --The jist I was getting at was ,that my CELTA tutors where amazing,all their criticisms were constructive and they always had positive things to say.Being in that kind of environment makes you so positive that even when you get down you think "its ok i can improve...I'm here to learn:D" as opposed to .."whats the point?i've worked this hard and gained nothing:("!
  • A main aspect of the course was assessing yourself,after every lesson we taught we had to fill in a self reflection sheet talking about what we liked,disliked about our lesson or what we could improve on or what went well.Which was really helpful in developing.
  • I came to enjoy having a routine,up at 6am catch train at 7am school at 9.15 lessons all day till 3.45 then teaching practice till 6pm and home at 7.30/8pm.One of the downsides though was that once i got home I had to do lesson plans and written assignments:(.It was tiring and a little irritating at times to live so far away from the school but it was nice to have a set routine.
  • Teaching practise was nerve wrecking but really fun(providing my lesson plan was done properly) There were some really funny moments.
  • My dyslexia really sucks!!I'd kinda forgotten about it tbh,it only usually causes me issue with writing essays,being organised and occasionally reading things wrong but my dyslexias pretty mild.With this course being so intensive it really pushed my Dyslexia to its limit and with me being a kinesthetic learner I found it difficult to learn as quickly as most of my course mates.Sure I can learn a little via listening and seeing but for me I learn best by actually doing things.
So all in all,even though I had moments where I thought "why am i doing this course?TOT I'm rubbish at it "and nearly crying/actual crying moments :O I'm so glad i stuck at it and took it in the first place.It was awesome and in the moments where I felt like quitting i didn't because I realised I really enjoy teaching.

I could write a whole lot more about the course but I thought i'd summerise:)
So right now,I'm looking for summer school job so I can get some experience,the plan was to go to Japan to teach but well that something i have to keep an eye on at the moment.In the mean time I've got my old job back and I've taken on a 2nd bright of an idea that is, remains to be seen:S So in the next couple of weeks I think I'm working ehh something like 15-20 days minimum in a row .....O_O*thinking of the money and not the lack of sleep*

I'll leave you with a bb spam of the last 2ish month
At my friends birthday party *Generic poorly shot bathroom photo of outfit:(*

 My make up for the evening,I rushed my lashes and my hair:(( I always sacrifice time on my hair for time on make up)

 Wearing Diamond lashes and King lenses (i quite like the kings here,previously I've hated them)

 lol funny position

 Growing some plants,so far their doing fine:D

 make up I did for the London meet up I couldn't go to in the end as the train was cancelled TOT

 I'd gone for a mode,Momoko look

 The beginning of my sheer blouse obsession  :O
 Early morning train snap
 Arrived home to find this after a epically shit day XD

 another sheer blouse:O

 M&S pina colada in a can!? Wasn't that bad actually,bit too strong and it was fizzy which I don't like.

 Took advantage of boot 3 for 2 on skincare and brought my usual face wash and 2 new ones to try.
Also took advantage of Debenhams having a 10% off all cosmetics plus free shipping and to top it off i had another voucher for another 10% off.So I got this YSL lipstick I've wanted for ages for £18 instead of £22 ...yer still expensive but I love YSL lipsticks,their amazing!

 and finally got my mitts on the elusive Urban Decay Naked palette!!XD its gorgeous thou I'm a little annoyed at Urban Decays official twitter,I asked them 3 times if this palette was still being sold in the UK as it was sold out everywhere and they never responded.I mean its not like I didn't google my question first to see if there was an answer.How rude:(


re organised my make up and realised I have a lot of not quite finished products:O
Brought a star light thing from ebay,put it together badly:( but its still pretty:D

 Visited my ex house metes in Leicester,I'm in the bath room of some bar here, it has really awesome walls
 Hula hoops and Lychee juice <3
 Crazy clear sky
and how happy I am about the crazy clear sky:D(not my cigs,I don't smoke)

Most adorable cat ever!When I came home I wondered if my cat would know I'd been stroking another cat....I spend too much time with my cat:S
 Finally had pancakes as i missed pancake day because of my course <3 Shrove Tuesday
 Lit my Godiva candle after much smells too lovely to be used ..haha silly right?
Picked up a alleged MAC morange dupe 

 Crazy fog the other day,"The mist":O?
and finally the last polish i wore(sometime last week before I started my 2nd job where I can't wear polish TOT)

Also I see I've got some new followers:) thank you for following and apologises for the unofficial hiatus.
I think once I've reached 300 I'll do another give-away XD


  1. I really respect you for sticking with your teaching job, I know how hard teaching is and I could never do it. You are such a hard worker!~

    I like the first outfit alot, really cool, and those diamond lashes totally suit you!

  2. Ahh the star thing looks so cute! Yay for kitties, they totally know when you've been near other cats :P it's like and extra sense.

  3. Stay strong with your teaching bb!! I know it's hard~ one of my friends is currently in line to get a job teaching middle school & her student teaching was one of the most frustrating things she says she has ever had to put up with, so I can just imagine what you're going through. I admire you for hanging in there though~ don't give up! ♥
    & pshhh, your hair always looks fabulous! It's always so voluminous & shiny looking, haha~

  4. Welcome back to blogging! ;)

    Firstly: Eee, kitty-cats!

    Secondly: Well done on the CELTA qualification! All the hard work will definitely be worth it :)
    Once in Japan I got pushed into giving an English lesson - I had no notice and the kids were only about three years old! Needless to say, it did not end well for anyone...

    Love those Diamond lashes on you!

  5. That milk pillow is just too too cute!!

  6. i like your makeup so perfect

  7.  Hi,
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  8. Ahh thank you:D It was a difficult course but I'm glad I stuck with it.

    Sorry for the delay in replying,I'm terrible forgetful:O

  9. Its amazing but it fell apart because i stuck it together quickly(and badly) :D

  10. Thanks you) I persevered with it :D

    Sorry for the late reply,i was certain I'd replied but checked and nope had not....gah so forgetful:(

  11. Thank you:) it was worth it but i really need to apply for teaching jobs now:O

    Sorry the delay in replying,i can be so forgetful its unreal:(

  12. thank you:)

    Sorry  for the delay in replying:(

  13. thanks:D
     Sorry for the delay in replying :O



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