Friday, 4 February 2011

Gyaru:gal spam feat Manami,Momoko,Miho and more

Back with a spam of models Im finding inspiring at the moment
While I know that I'm a crappy blogger(and commenter)at the moment and only seem to post gyaru spams at present:(.If you have the time and are interested  please do check out the tutorials and the Dupes and make up products in the UK for Gyaru posts I've made in the past :D
Thank you

I always like seeing inside peoples make up bags:D I like seeing what products they use.

Ahh wish i could do this to my hair!!

Gorgeous make upXD

Wouldn't be a spam with out her,Love love her!
Gorgeous hair,Make up and Outfits!!
I included a vid of her even though its old,because i had a random thought in the week of "i wonder if she has a silly high pitched voice" ...and because she has a beautiful smile:D

Recently moved her blog to ameblo

launching the face range of Canydoll

Love her flawless make up and hair

She got eyelash extensions(i believe) and i thought this pic showed her brows well
 I spy a VW ring:D Gorgeous glossy red nails....
to match her gorgeous glossy red lips:)

Lots of Momoko and Manami this week as I am loving them both:D

Hope you enjoyed reading and found a model you find inspiring:D


  1. thanks for the gyaru spam, love momoko!! her style is awesome, thanks for sharing- its great to have for inspiration!!

  2. don't worry, i find these gyaru spams interesting and really enjoy them! :D♥♥ loved the pics you chose again~

  3. You know I love these, haha ♥ Thank you for sharing that video of Momoko! I think her voice suits her~ I like it much better than Ena's speaking voice, haha XD

  4. What a fab spam! I really have to pick up one of those sheer maxi skirts asap! :)

  5. I love Miho and Sayoko in this spam! :D Yay VW!!

  6. Wow thanks for the amazing gal spam! Love it!

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