Monday, 24 January 2011

Life:Recent purchases,xmas gifts etc feat MAC,Diamond Lashes,Canmake,RI and more

I've falling so behind in my blogging and commenting ,im trying to catch up but it difficult when you've a backlog of photos from Novermber to post.
Anyways I compiled my "recent" purchases,some of these are from as far back a November:O so it looks like an epic haul post when really its things I've acquired over the last 2 and half months.Just bear that in mind when you view please:)

From the week before xmas I received a parcel which contained the diamond lashes and Canmake I asked the lovely Emma to get for me in Japan,she also included a letter:),some fliers/promo and a little extra gift of a W<3C sticker(which i currently can't think where to put)
Thank you EmmaXD

From here the items are chronological from November to now:)

 I almost brought these when I meet up with Emma in the summer but I talked myself out of it as i was trying to be good with my money. Inevitability I crumbled and couldn't resist.I haven't worn them yet as I haven't had a function I felt they fitted:(

 Eyebrow razors from ebay,when I take up close photos of my eye make up I am always annoyed by the little blondish hairs I can see.Silly I know but they bug me.So far I am liking these,it means if I miss a bit of my brow(which I do often) this will catch it.
 My younger sister had a friends and family discount thing just before Xmas,I had gone for present buying until it dawned on me that I pretty much already knew what and where I was getting peoples gifts from.Thus trip was pointless.So I ended up with some very pretty Revlon polishes and a few hair products I wanted to try out.
 More ebay brow things.Not that impressed with this one.

 A Xmas gift from my friend that I naughtily opened early,but in my defence it was small so I was worried it would get lost:D
 Picked up some Cath Kidston Cuticle Cream from TKMaxx:D I quite like it

MAC had free shipping before Xmas ,so I picked up the prep+prime powder as my Candydoll powder has finally run out and 2 eye shadows though one of them was a xmas gift from my mum to me.
Lol a month late for this....anyways my Christmas was quiet but nice,family and good food.:).
This year I asked for perfume,socks,Girl with the Dragon tattoo book,ds case and candles.There wasn't really anything else I wanted to be honest:O
I was quite shocked to find I had been brought 2 perfumes sets:O
 and then pretty much everything I had asked for ..

 So I now actually have a collection of perfumes (the Chanel was brought around xmas too)

In the sales...I didn't go to the sales much as I was struck down with a virus.When I was feeling better I got this ring at Accessorize  and the leather jacket from my previous post(which i ended up returning as it didn't suit me)

I never wear gold jewlerry as i don't think its suits me as well as silver does but this is still pretty.

 Oh god more MAC(self imposed MAC ban from now on)
Madga posted before about the Dazzleglasses and I just impulsively brought one.
 Finally found the Gosh Holographic polish, and theres a better photo of the Barry-m polish i posted in my bb spam.Highly recommend that barry-m colour.

 However the same can't be said for the Gosh polish.Gorgeous shade,appalling formula.:(

Again in the most recent post I spoke about a xmas present I got from a friend,unfortunately practicality was an issue and I had to exchange it for a bag that I could actually fit my possessions in.(I spoke to him about it and he was fine with it)
It was such a shame because the other bag was gorgeous and sleek but due to the way the internal compartments where laid out, if I did fit all my things in it I couldn't close it.

So I exchanged it for these...
 This was actually the bag I was originally going to get before I got lured away by the sleekness of the other one.
I've wanted it since September or October (or whenever it popped up in store) I'm really happy with it,it fits all my things in perfectly (with room) and can work for both casual and a little more dressy.:D

PHEWWW epic post,I'll try not to let them build up quite so much next time,.
thank you for reading XD


  1. I've also stocked up on falsies. i had no idea you could get eyebrow stencils though!

    F. ( x

  2. I want some tights like that too! They're so sexy and fun also waaaaaarm!

    So many "recent" great gets for winter :D



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