Thursday, 13 January 2011

Life: Winning Konekos Giveaway and bb spam

This post is so beyond over due it isn't even funny!!
Oh dear I disappeared again,but with Xmas  and it being the season for sniffs and sniffles(aka being ill) you can probably guess where i've been.Super busy with work(only overtime i'll get ) and being ill:(
Boo Im never ill but i've been ill twice this winter:( First I had a sinus cold thing which passed quickly and then just after Xmas ,my sister gave myself and my entire family an extra Xmas present of a flu like virus.I was kinda angry at her ...not for being ill ,that hardly her fault but for being selfish to come over when she knew she was ill ohh well what's done is done.......

So while I was ill the first time,feeling hot and cold and generally kinda of nauseous .I received an email from Eilish(Koneko) saying I had won her giveaway,I never win anything(seriously the last thing i won was a tombola/raffle? i believe and it was one of the types where everyone wins,hahah) and i wasn't expecting to win especially seeing as how i nearly missed the deadline for it anyways:O

Heres what  she sent me:D There so much that I've not even tried it all yet :O

Lash box,glitter,Deco items,Hello Kitty purse and chop sticks

So far thou,the things I've tried I've really liked:D Especially the Elemis Day cream, the Pink body lotion(smell heavenly) and the lash box is not only cute but exactly what i needed(I had far too many lashes on the go and nowhere to store them)

She also included a lovely letterXD on adorable stationary

Big thank you to Eilish (and a sorry for taking so long to post this)

and now my Bb photo spam...
 Curled my hair with my hot rollers


 Brought a new big bag for when i do my course in February
 Made Xmas cards this year but they took soo long to make I only ended up making a few:(

 :O This was taken about 1.30 pm ,i couldn't believe everything was still so frosty and icy:O

Some MAC

 Finally brought a bowler hat!! after wanting one for about 10 years:O hahaha
 Painted moustaches onto mugs,this one is Wario
and a classic hogan/handle bar:D
 My fave mask at the moment:D

 Curled my hair using Xiaxue's hair tutorial


 Took the old cover off my chair and finally used my nice fabric i brought when at Uni
 Brought a leather jacket in the RI unsure of it thou,think it makes my shoulders alot broader then they are..hmmm
 my get better cures-cat and double strength vit c

 Post wisdom extraction (while still ill with the virus thing i had) showing how big my tooth was between the fingers
 My other cat sleeping on me ..he never does that:O
  more MAC

  A winter walk in the woods:)

Late bday/Xmas present from my friend

 There are alot of photo of my cats,sorry about that ..worryingly there where more on my bb:O hahah Crazy cat lady!

Hope everyone had a good xmas and new year,I'll be back posting shortly i hope:D


  1. wb hunnie~! ♥ I hope you're over all the sniffs & sniffles now... I swear, this fall/winter has been awful for people getting sick :(
    Congrats on winning that giveaway though! Looks like you scored some awesome stuff :D & ugh, I'm always so jelly of your immaculate eyemake~

  2. I'm glad you like all the stuff!^^

    This is such a great spam of stuff! I am really in love with the BarryM nail colour! I find their glitter colours to be so much better than their mattes >.< And that jacket is lush!

  3. Congrats on winning the giveaway! Your hair looks really great done with the hot curlers!

  4. i hope you're feeling better! that sucks being ill during the holidays .. its the worst feeling ever...

    yay for winning the giveaway... everything looks so amazing ! n_n i really like that lash case ;D



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