Monday, 24 January 2011

Gyaru:gal spam feat Momoko,Azuzu and more

Another blog spam,its odd how your taste can change.I realised as I was compiling this how much my tastes have evolved.Blogs I used to check religiously before,I rarely check now.
Anyway on with the spam.....(p.s there is ALOT of Momoko this week)

Personally I'm not a fan of top hats but i think she wears it well:)
Love the bag thou:D

Recently i am loving the majority of Momoko's blog photos/Murua S/S looks.
Elegant and stylish,Love it!!XD
One of my biggest inspirations for Spring and Summer,hopefully I'll be able to find something similar here and it'll suit my body shape:)

I love her make up and purple hair,I have a great love for the colour purple.Saeko's hair always makes me miss my purple hair aswell

Finshes for another week:D 
Hope you enjoyed it and found it inspiring.

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