Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Topshop Emoda dress copy- opinions ?

I was wondering throught Topshop a couple of weeks back when the above dress(on left) caught my eye and I thought about Mitsu's post about new brands in 109.
It looks similar to an Emoda one I thought ...similar??They're the same,maybe a slight difference in colour but essential the same.

So I brought it and Im not 100% sure on it,as im having a bit of a chubby week(I'm not saying im fat,im just feeling alittle chubby)
Cue weird angled self portraits:o sorry

yay or nay?
Better on a skinny or curvy person?


  1. i think it looks great on u :3

  2. Ok, it looks fabulous on you! Despite the unflattering from-below angle, it looks totally hot!

    I think it suits your body type really well^^

    Which came first, Topshop or Emoda? The copying is not cool ><

  3. They all buy from the same places I guess. Cute tho!! nice find XD

  4. that dress looks absolutely great on you! :D

  5. Lip Service also made one I think >_<

    You look amazing it! Love the legging tights with it <3

  6. Honestly I think dresses like that look amazing on curvy girls & it looks FABULOUS on you! ❤

  7. I saw this the other day, and it made me think of you~ haha XD
    It looks really good on you. Well done for spotting it.

  8. Hello Lanna!
    First time on your blog :)
    I think this dress suit you well, you have a good bodyshape for that ^^



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