Monday, 19 April 2010

Photo post and random news

I've got a few things I've yet to blog about recently.Those following my twitter might have notice tweets relating to driving ,your probably thinking but your 23!!Surely you can drive!!I did learn before uni but then obviously money was an issue (as my course was stupidly expensive with material costs,so much in fact I think they should have put it in the brochure "don't apply unless your loaded or can go without food for a while" lol) so i quit my lessons and never passed.
Once finishing uni I was determined that in this year off while working I would get my driving license ,so far I've gotten distracted and wasn't sure who to get lessons with etc etc.

Cut to the end of March,during the trip to Leeds,my cousin who was immigrating to OZ(lucky) told my mum about how she's selling her Volkswagen at a stupidly low price.So my mum brought it off her but what to do with her old car?Well she gave it to me.
Just to clarify its not as jammy(spolit) as it seems.The Nissan is an old car and it was inherited,so my mums not losing any money on it since she paid nothing for it and thought it best to give me it seeing as I'll probably never be able to buy a car of my own ever.
Its still very lucky thou,i wont deny that.

So with that in  mind I've had to resume my driving lessons pretty prombtly and they're going well so far but I still need to practices and will hopefully book my theory for next month:) and fingers crossed be driving by june or july latest.

Also on the cards is my summer holidayXD I've been talking it over for the last 3 months with some of my friends and we finally got our act together and semi-sorted it out.

Hopefully we'll be going to Crete,I REALLLLY need a holiday,my jobs being massive stressful and making me miserable tbh.
So job stress and "what do I want to do with my life?" stress has been getting me down which is also another reason for my lack of internet activity in the past few months:(Lame isn't it.

Anywho heres another blackberry photo spamXD

 Next doors cat came to investigate while i clean out my car......he'd previously been watching me drive up and down the drive was unnerving to have an audience.

Rilakkuma bath saltsXD ew at orange water,smelt nice thou.

Went for a walk in my local woods:)

and some from my lumix
I always suck at painting my right hand seeing as I am right handed :O Love nude colours at the moment thou

trying the scarf trend rushed and after work make up (ewwww)

Pre going to a party photo sans lipstick and lipgloss and only with MAC painterly paint pot on my lips,hence corpse look,lol thought i'd put it up anyways.

and finally I mentioned before about planning a trip to Japan and asking about times to go etc etc .

Well I think I'll be there Spring 2011,I spoke to a friend recently and she expressed an interest in going while the cherry blossoms were out .So im hopefully going with her now.Which gives me longer to save XD
Any suggestions for accommodation would be appreciated :) But it is many many months away,suppose it can hurt to be overly prepared thou:)

NOTE:I don't think my spell check is working at the moment and I want to sleep so im sorry for an spelling mistakes:)






    <33 RENA

  2. I started driving at 15, but I didn't get my licence at 16, so I've just been driving a short time. I hate it personaly it makes me nervous ><

    Oh the rilakkuma bath salts look so nice^^

    And the head scarf bow looks super cute on you. The colors of the scarf are great!

  3. I'm so American and had my license early, but because I was out of the country so much I just let it expire. LOL Now when I finally live full time again in the US I'll have to pass the course again, so LOL I sadly understand the late in life driving issue ^_^;;

    Fabulous scarf bow and I really love the nude lip on you actually. I'm a bit obsessed with nude lips right now so that might be why <_<;;

  4. The scarf looks great on you, such a good bow :D
    I also like the nude lips, well can look kinda odd on people with paler skin but you suit it.

  5. rilakkuma looks so cute on the packet :3
    tehe I always have creepy kitties stare at me on my street XD

    I like the nude lips and the hat btw :3
    i cant wait to drive :P

  6. Oh I hope you can start driving by June! OH THE FREEDOM!! I totally feel ya on the old car thing. The first car I ever bought was for $1 off my boyfriend and it was like 10 years old & dying! But I was grateful nonetheless! XD

    Car's upholstery looks pretty good still!

    Awe seeing the cherry blossoms would be amazing :D!

  7. Good luck with your driving lessons, bebe! I didn't get my license til I was 17 (most people here start driving at 16 so I was a year late XD)~ better late than never is what I say, haha!
    & I agree with Mitsu~ the nude lip looks fabulous on you ❤



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