Sunday, 11 April 2010

Update:Giveaway and swaps?

I've got a few posts lined up for next week(eyeliner and eyebrow tutorials),I've been out and about quite alot in the last month or so and have negleated my blog and commenting.

As a little thank you for following and because i felt like itXD......come the beginning of May I will be hosting a giveaway,I've seen alot of other bloggers doing it and I always thought it looked like fun,so keep an eye out for that.

I've been thinking hard about what to included,got my eye on a few UK only cosmetic lines and a few of my favourite products of at the moment aswell to include.

and I was recently asked if i was interested in swaps...I am,
I'd be interested in
bath salts
lashes/bulk lashes
Japanese cosemtics
Japanese magazines
cosmetic samples~bb creams,Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer,etc etc
Rilakkuma thingsXD

If anyone is interested in that tweet me:D


  1. Exciting!! Can`t wait to see what you feature in your giveaway :)

  2. Oh it looks like there is a lot to look forward too. I hope you have a great week^^

  3. Wow loads to look foward too :D

  4. I want to do a giveaway soon too! :D
    I need to think of nice things to give to someone, but my blog is reaching 50 followers and my tumbler will soon hit a 1000! :D So that's a nice occasion to pay back some attention :D



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