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1st of the 3 tutorials:Eyeliner

So over a month back ,I revealed the results of the poll,tutorials placed quite high in the list of what did readers what to see me blog about so I've had the photos for well over a month now.Just haven't got round to actually making the post.:o sorry,so here it is

Disclaimer: I am not a professional nor do  I think I am the bees knees at eyeliner,it was a requested tutorial and I thought it may  be of some use to someone.All photos taken with my sister fuji and not my lumix ,so doesn't  pick up as much detail or quality as mine.I was growing my brows out as well ,so excuse the stray hairs.
Finally ~ What may work for one person wont work for everyone,practice and see whats best for you.

Ok I think the first and most important things to remember with doing eyeliner is to practice and not be dishearten if your 1st attempt isn't quite like how you saw it in the mags.

There a  3 types of liner you can get(that i know of)  and they come in varying applicators

Pencil best for:tightline and waterline ~softer,easier to smudge,not usually as dark or as intense as liquids or gels example

Liquid(pen and standard)~ intense,sharp lines,quite long wearing,example

Gel(usual in a jar)~Long lasting,intense ,can be a little tricky to master example

Tips:These will probably be repeated in the tutorial aswell:Osorry.

  • prop elbow up on a hard stable surface
  • pull the skin taunt(not too much thou) just enough so that it doesn't move around too much
  • worried about gaps in your liner? try lining with pencil first and then going over with liquid or gel
  • TIGHTLINE!!! it's a pet peeve for me,i've seen far too many good eye make up ruined by being able to see the upper lid water line,tight lining just makes the look more finished imo.Far more important i think when using false lashes.
  • Liner should start thin to thick but it can vary depending on eye shape and style your going for .
  • Find what technique works best for you
  • looking down into a mirror can help
  • have cotton bud handing for mistakes
  • use bottom lash line as a guide for the flick
  • For gyaru~I think it looks more gyaru to not line your water line ,however for agejo/hime gyaru they only seem to do half. When you line your water line your actually making your eye look smaller(excect if you line it with white)
  • more updated gyaru lower lash liner ~use brown eyeshadow but if your going for agejo style, black darker liners ok,can look good if you soften the line with black shadow too:)

The 3 liners I own,I prefer gel (thou mines not as intense as it used to be~its old)
Occasionally use the liquid liner when Im rushing,though the applicator annoys me.I'm going to get one with a pen tip next time to try out:)

So on to the tutorial
Tools I'm using

MAC~Fluidline in Black track
MAC ~Technakohl liner in graphblack
Ruby &Mille angled brush
Kryolan Eyeshadow in glitter black

1.Start with your eye make up done ,some people do it before shadow but I like to do it after.Less likelyhood of getting shadow fallout all over your nice line:)However I  do my liner  before i apply mascara,find it easier.
Recommend using an eyeshadow base.

2.Pull the skin taunt enough so the skin doesn't move too much but not too tight ,your skin around your eye is delicate.
I start in the middle using short strokes and work my way to the outer edge and then go back and apply the inner part.I find it easier to do small strokes rather then trying to do the liner in one single stroke (this is actually my gel liner but probably because its old it looks like kohl)
General shape you'd want to aim for is thin to thick but not  getting too thick on the outer edge

3.For the flick I try to look down into a mirror and use the lower lash line as a guide to pull my brush up.
Checking in the mirror regularly to see if its equal with the other side.Have cotton bud on hand for any mistakes:O
TIPS:For an equal flick you can always place a dot where you want the tip to end and then fill it in instead of just drawing it freehand or use medical tape.

4.This is what you should be left with.The degree of flick is optional,you can have it bigger if you want or at a different angle.Practice and see what looks best for your eye and face shape:)

5.An important stage that goes unnoticed alot.
After I've finished my liner,I go over it with black eyeshadow to set it and fill any possible gaps I may have left.
I also tightline,I can't stress how important this part is.Tight lining is where you take your kohl pencil and apply the liner to the upper lids water line under the lashes.This can be a little tricky to do,I find using a cotton bud to push the lid back makes it easier.
Also put a little brown eyeshadow on the outer part of my lower lash.

6.Curl and apply your mascara of choiceXD

Spam of finished look photos:O

Hope this was of some use to someone:)
I'll probably end up doing a vid for this as I don't think I explained how to do it very well:(


  1. pretty cool ^^
    i love the mascara ^^ its worked really well on ur lashes :)

  2. @Naka~Thank you:)I forgot to mention what one I actually used~its maybelline Colossal before i broke the wand:(

  3. I love your discussion of liners. I just found my liquid again so it's time to start cussing and experimenting XD

    Your eyebrow arch, color, and shape are so pretty! Give me your skills!! <3

  4. Ah I am so addicted to liquid eyeliner.
    Great tutorial!!

  5. Love love this post. I have always wondered how you get the flick (& have failed trying to do them on myself XD) so this was really helpful! I love all the extra tips like using black eyeshadow to fill in the spots.
    Also~ are you wearing falsies or are those your real lashes? They look amazing! :O

  6. you should def put a video tutorial up! :)



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