Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Shopping service goods and my trip to London

I ache:( but it was worth it.Yesterday I bit the bullet and returned to athletics after a 5year break:O
Needless to say i am mega rusty at it hence the ache-ness today(and cos i didn't warm up properly~fail!)

Back in high school I loved doing athletics,come the summer it was what i looked forward to so im glad to be resuming it.
I started yesterday on the high jump and got  positive feedbackXD  the jist being ~Im rusty but good(well for someone who hasn't done it for such a long time) unfortunately I can't for the life of me remember any of my personal bests (pb)ToT
1m20 keeps popping up in my memories thou,so i know I've jumped that before just can't remember if it was my pb or not:s
Anyways yesterday I could jump up to 1m20 but could quite clear 1m20:( well the trainer said i was clearing it but was jumping too soon and consequently coming down on the bar:(
In long jump I managed to jump 2m90 both amounts are nothing to brag about but its an achievement to me because i haven't done either of them for such a long time.

So enough sports talk what else....
I still hate my job even more so now my boss changed my hours.Went to London 2 weekends ago to see my friend.Still trying to keep up with commenting and blogging.Recieved my shopping service order today:D

So on to my order from Japan....

 Here a silent video of the opening of the box(just because i thought it might be abit more interesting than just photos) suppose it does show you though how the shopping service i use pack their parcels:) I use Treasure-Japan

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic
WC Skirt and "I want to become a scientist" tshirt.

I brought the black skirt despite reallly wanting the white one and Mitsu also suggesting the white.If i'd brought the white,i know what would have happened
It would have been ruined within the hour:(

Im pretty happy with it all,
WC good are a good quality fabric and make:)Tshirt fits me fine despite me being a uk10/12.Skirt is alittle on the short side which was to be expected as  i am 5'9 :O
Can't decide if the skirt is almost scandalous or just short,the back is verging on O_o!!

The gilfyx Jelly mag and goods.
The mag is awesome if abit oddly big:S oh well looks nice on my bookshelf i guess.
Hat is well made especially for a freebie.
I love the eco bag!!It an ideal size and the print is simple but cute,thou i can't see the straps withstanding too much weight.

So my trip to London just consisted of  wondering around camden markets(as i haven't been there for a very long time) and having an cheap but lovely day with my friend who i've not seen since before Xmas:O
We chatted,wondered,brought japanese alcopops and cake to eat and search endlessly for a working cash machine!!:O All in all a good dayXD
There was this awesome shop near piccadilly where you could paint your own elephant,so wished it hadn't been a sunday and we'd had more time.Cos i really wanted to paint an elephant:D

Speaking of elephants,there where lots of elephants around central London

This one was my fave:D

Also wondered passed Liberty(love Liberty ,the building ,their fabrics XD) Liberty bike anyone??yes please.I love the shape and patterns.
From a japanese cat mag....hahah dressed up cat

Brought the most amazing cakes from China town(strawberry one is for me and the choco one i brought to bring home for my sister)

Stocked up on ramen and brought some random drinks,had them all before but its nice to have something other than water sometimes:)

yay tights!even better stirrup tights:D

  Thursday I took advantage of Superdrugs current 3 for 2 on skincare and brought a new moisturiers,hand moisturiser and St Ives warming scrubs(i am loving there new elements range:D)

Make up for Thursday evening out:D

I wore this dress I got earlier in the week,I love the pattern on the skirt part and it feels so summery:D

Make up from a few weeks back,thou its not overall different form the above make up just the lashes....can you tell im loving my nudy brown lenses??:Dhaha

So back to yesterday I ran into my local TKMaxx to grab some jogging bottoms for athletics and saw they had some ardell lashes in:D and luckily found some demi pixies Mac#7 lookalike lashes.
Unluckily the jogging bottoms did not fit at all and i had to wear my old ones which despite being fresh out of the wash had cat hairs on????:S

On that note I'll finish with my cat who's taken up residence in the box my wc stuff arrived in


EDIT:I forgot to say thank you to Hana of Finding Tokyo for solving the who's blog is this issue I had a couple of entries back:D
It was From Tokyo with love the blog I couldn't remember:D


  1. Awwh I love your cat and its cute antics!!

    LOL if we ever meet, we can wear our w*c scientist tshirts, mines in red too so we'll look even cooler!!!

    I know about cat hairs on things that have just been washed right?! my friend izzy has 7 kitties and one of those is a white long haired persian...theres no hope for clothes in that washing machine, as soon as they come out a cat sits on them...

  2. Awwwh box cats are the best! Since I continually live in two countries there's still boxes from our move from 2 yrs ago and my cats just love playing explorer and box astronaut. hehehee

    The pannier looks so cute on you! LOL I know that skirt is scandalous on me. I wear mise pants with it always or I'd be showing people my undies on a regular basis.

    You always pick such lovely items for yourself. I really like the new dress, too!

    Also I think we should trade skin. I don't know how to do that without getting all Silence of the Lambs on you, but I still think it should happen. <_< >_> lol

  3. So many nice gets! ❤ The wc outfit looks great on you! & when in doubt with super-short skirts, stick some tights underneath ;) lol
    I am just in awe of you & your makeup, seriously... You also have amazing bone structure! *envyyy*

  4. I can't do things like the high jump, so you are really impressive to me! I hope you can keep having the chance to practice that^^

    Oh you got W*C items, how fabulous!! I was really curious about what you got after I saw that package pic on your twitter hehe. The skirt looks long enough in the picture, so I think just wearing a pair of shorts under it will be good^^

    Thanks for sharing the London photos! Those cakes look so wonderful!!

    And you look really beautiful in the last photo of you, I think the lower angle works well with your face shape!

  5. Liberty did a collaboration with Target here in the US...I loved it! They even had a bike too. I only got the Liberty rainboots though.

  6. Loving the haul, aww elphants :D

  7. OMG youre stunning :O I LOVE YOUR EYEBROWS!!

    I really want that WC shirt as well but in red, so cute! glad everything fits well you never know...

    PLUS IM SO JEALOUS you were in camden, its seriously on my to do list! but i live like...5billion miles away DX

  8. Plus did I email you asking you for help with eleanorzine? Let me know, I have a bad memory in the summer,

  9. I love the cakes and nice black skirt tehe I'm the same anything in white I normally end up ruining XD

    and I want that shirt :3

  10. Good on you for returning to athletics, I wish I was fit enough to do things like this! :D

    I'm always soooo tempted to do a shipping service :(
    New Look have some very WC inspired skirts at the moment, get a cheaper white one from there and just tie dye it hahah XD

    I miss Japanese alchopops
    and those elephants are lovely :D

  11. Ahh, you look so pretty and I love what you bought and all the photos! :D You talk about so many things here, but I understand, using the little time you get to write an entry and puttin as much of the things you want to say in one piece... xD I have no time to write neither D:

    We had an art happening like that in Warsaw too, but with cows, don`t even remember why anymore, but they were very original colorful and random xD

    Those nudy browns look perfect on you!
    I love my nude grays 8D

  12. Ohh I love this post so much.
    The WC haul is lovely, makes me want some even more haha

    I went into TKMaxx the other day after seeing this post. I found some cheap 'Ardell' lashes and some 'Mister Mascara' ones for a good price. I was surprised, think I may have to stock up sometime. Thanks for mentioning where you got them :D

    Your hair and make-up always looks so good. You have to divulge all your secrets when we have the Summer meet in Norwich ;D lol

    p.s. That cake looks so yummy.

  13. p.p.s. I bought the Ardell Mac#7 lashes in the end XD

  14. what is it with cats and boxes? mine rips the cardboard to shreds.. ¬_¬

    Jealous of your lovely WC purchase! x



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