Monday, 19 April 2010

Photo post and random news

I've got a few things I've yet to blog about recently.Those following my twitter might have notice tweets relating to driving ,your probably thinking but your 23!!Surely you can drive!!I did learn before uni but then obviously money was an issue (as my course was stupidly expensive with material costs,so much in fact I think they should have put it in the brochure "don't apply unless your loaded or can go without food for a while" lol) so i quit my lessons and never passed.
Once finishing uni I was determined that in this year off while working I would get my driving license ,so far I've gotten distracted and wasn't sure who to get lessons with etc etc.

Cut to the end of March,during the trip to Leeds,my cousin who was immigrating to OZ(lucky) told my mum about how she's selling her Volkswagen at a stupidly low price.So my mum brought it off her but what to do with her old car?Well she gave it to me.
Just to clarify its not as jammy(spolit) as it seems.The Nissan is an old car and it was inherited,so my mums not losing any money on it since she paid nothing for it and thought it best to give me it seeing as I'll probably never be able to buy a car of my own ever.
Its still very lucky thou,i wont deny that.

So with that in  mind I've had to resume my driving lessons pretty prombtly and they're going well so far but I still need to practices and will hopefully book my theory for next month:) and fingers crossed be driving by june or july latest.

Also on the cards is my summer holidayXD I've been talking it over for the last 3 months with some of my friends and we finally got our act together and semi-sorted it out.

Hopefully we'll be going to Crete,I REALLLLY need a holiday,my jobs being massive stressful and making me miserable tbh.
So job stress and "what do I want to do with my life?" stress has been getting me down which is also another reason for my lack of internet activity in the past few months:(Lame isn't it.

Anywho heres another blackberry photo spamXD

 Next doors cat came to investigate while i clean out my car......he'd previously been watching me drive up and down the drive was unnerving to have an audience.

Rilakkuma bath saltsXD ew at orange water,smelt nice thou.

Went for a walk in my local woods:)

and some from my lumix
I always suck at painting my right hand seeing as I am right handed :O Love nude colours at the moment thou

trying the scarf trend rushed and after work make up (ewwww)

Pre going to a party photo sans lipstick and lipgloss and only with MAC painterly paint pot on my lips,hence corpse look,lol thought i'd put it up anyways.

and finally I mentioned before about planning a trip to Japan and asking about times to go etc etc .

Well I think I'll be there Spring 2011,I spoke to a friend recently and she expressed an interest in going while the cherry blossoms were out .So im hopefully going with her now.Which gives me longer to save XD
Any suggestions for accommodation would be appreciated :) But it is many many months away,suppose it can hurt to be overly prepared thou:)

NOTE:I don't think my spell check is working at the moment and I want to sleep so im sorry for an spelling mistakes:)

Sunday, 18 April 2010

breaking my lack of posting habit with a post about health

I've got my tutorials planned but I really felt like writing about health and food.(apologies for the way it read,its been awhile since i've written anything serious)

It's a topic that's pops up in blogs I follow alot recently and is something that interest me .
I am avidly in to researching things that interest me,always have been.
I don't talk about health because like most of my interest I don't feel Im knowledgeable enough to share,hence why im always researching.

I'll start with Food.For me I can't eat dairy,I'm not vegan it just makes me ill and gives me eczema (mm nice)
It's frustrating  having to tell people I can't eat dairy and getting a response back like I'm CHOOSING not to and that its the greatest travesty in the world,I'd rather not have eczema on my face and feel sick thank you very much.Though thats just the level of idiocy i have to deal with in my home town,that the idea that a person can't eat something must be their own doing and that they are odd people for doing so.:S
I also don't eat products(or at least try not to) that contain sweetener,i'll take sugar over artificial sweeteners. There research about its links to cancer and weight gain ,beside that I think it taste horrible.i can tell if something has artifical sweetner in it.
So im rambling.....

Anyways the purpose of this post was to rave about some food products I love and have been meaning to talk about for agessss.

So with my lack of dairy in my diet,I  can honestly say I don't really miss it except  for cheese and ice cream.
Good non diary cheese and ice cream is hard to come by in the UK(USA have some awesome looking products!!I really want some Purerly decandent ice creams!!!mint choc chip ?yes please, peanut butter zig zag?definitely yes! their not available in the UK thou TAT)

Yogurt used to be in that list of things I miss until I found Provamel.
Previously I'd tired Alpro soya and I can honestly say after many attempts to like it. I bloody hate the stuff!!!It taste AWFUL!Absolutly AWFUL(yep I hate it that much it warrants the use of caps lock!)
It then gets confusing,how can aplro soyas yogurts taste so grim while provaml who are owned by alpro taste like non diary yogurt heaven:S hmm oh well. Provamel yogurts are amazing,creamy and fruity.Perfect imo.

Just need to hunt down some good ice cream now,swedish glace do make a mean vanilla but theres not a whole lot of variety:(

Coconut water~Vita coco
Those of you who follow my twitter might have notice the influx this week of post basically saying "OMG I love this" lol
I am a convert thou,I'd previously tired the original regular coconut water before xmas and wrote it off as I didn't like it.If i remember correctly I wasn't overly fond of coconut water as a child either thou.I do however love coconut flavoured foods and the smell. Pina colada is one of my favourite cocktails along with a long island ice teaXD
So  I noticed in the march edition of  Healthy magazine(sold in Holland & barretts ) that vita coco were releasing some new flavours into the uk markets so I popped on down to my local H&B and gave the peach& mango a go and still wasn't impressed but I was determined to like it .As I'm always on the look out for a good drink to break up the dullness of  drinking water all the time.(not that there anything wrong with water:D)

So this week I tried out the acai&pomegranate  and pineapple,both of which im really liking but the pineapple is AMAZING !Definitely my fave!
So refreshing and reminds me of summer since it tastes like a pina colada without the rum or creaminess XD
Coconut water is being marketed as havingmore potassium than 2 bananas and more electrolytes then sports drinks.It also seems to be a big craze with celebrities but im not overly bothered with what they get up to.

Healthy magazine is something I really enjoy getting aswell.
It's full of  useful tips and good articles about food,supplements and fitness.For example this months feature is about energy,ways to increase,reason for lacking it etc etc.Also talks about the benefits of garlic and an article about the pros and cons of fructose.
I like it becuase it covers fitness,mind,family,wellbeing  aswell as including pages about ethics (being green etc) and some holistic health aspects too.Although I'm not 100% into alternative therapies I do believe in trying things before i write them off completely.
Woo i sounds like im being sponsored by them  hahah not. I like getting zest occasionally too:D

 With the arrival of summer,its chilled barley tea time for meXD

Love barley tea!!

Mostly I think  healthy-ness is mind set,i don't believe in fad diets and i don't believe in starving oneself.

To me being healthy is understanding what your body needs and loving the good aspects that you have and not dwelling too much on what you see as a negative.
An example for you,I'm not overly fond of my nose,nothing particulary wrong with it and as my mother says I could have her witchy nose instead:O but i still wouldn't say its my best feature.My friend from college once remarked that she wanted my nose as she thought it was cute,so you can see how something you deem to be a terrible aspect of yourself can be seen by someone else as a positive.
So  don't dwell and make the most of your favourite features instead XD

Also Thank you for all the lovely comment you gave me on the emoda lookalike dress post,you were all too kind:)

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Topshop Emoda dress copy- opinions ?

I was wondering throught Topshop a couple of weeks back when the above dress(on left) caught my eye and I thought about Mitsu's post about new brands in 109.
It looks similar to an Emoda one I thought ...similar??They're the same,maybe a slight difference in colour but essential the same.

So I brought it and Im not 100% sure on it,as im having a bit of a chubby week(I'm not saying im fat,im just feeling alittle chubby)
Cue weird angled self portraits:o sorry

yay or nay?
Better on a skinny or curvy person?

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Update:Giveaway and swaps?

I've got a few posts lined up for next week(eyeliner and eyebrow tutorials),I've been out and about quite alot in the last month or so and have negleated my blog and commenting.

As a little thank you for following and because i felt like itXD......come the beginning of May I will be hosting a giveaway,I've seen alot of other bloggers doing it and I always thought it looked like fun,so keep an eye out for that.

I've been thinking hard about what to included,got my eye on a few UK only cosmetic lines and a few of my favourite products of at the moment aswell to include.

and I was recently asked if i was interested in swaps...I am,
I'd be interested in
bath salts
lashes/bulk lashes
Japanese cosemtics
Japanese magazines
cosmetic samples~bb creams,Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer,etc etc
Rilakkuma thingsXD

If anyone is interested in that tweet me:D


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