Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Places in Tokyo//:Rikugien garden

Having lived most of my childhood climbing trees and buildings dens, one of the things I find most difficult about living in Tokyo is the lack of greenery.

Sure it is kind of expected so I can't really complain. Tokyo is very tightly packed with buildings as are some of the smaller cities I've seen here too, but it still makes me a little sad.

Especially after wondering around Cambridge and London while I was home for Christmas. It was lovely to just see random trees in places. Don't get me wrong you do find that here but I feel you have to look a lot harder than, say London.

Anyway back to my point. 

I've made it my mission while in Japan to visit as many lovely gardens and parks as I can, and there are some very nice ones here.
This post is about Rikugien garden, which is near Komagome station and can be reached by the Yamamote line and the Namboku line.

I went here sometime during November, so I got to see some beautiful Autumn  ( nearly wrote fall!!) leaves. Even though there were quite a lot of people in the park that day, it was still a very peaceful time and we managed to wonder down some deserted paths.


More info here

What do you think of Rikugien garden? Do you have a favourite garden or park?


  1. This looks beautiful, I've never visited here but I would like to if I returned to Tokyo.

    1. It was and very peaceful. I hope you can come back soon :D.

  2. Soooo pretty, def wish I could visit it! ^_^ thanks for sharing! I've love to see more posts about your daily things!

    1. You should:D, it was. I hope to do more posts like this. :D



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