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Tokyo//food: Devil Craft pizza and draft beer in Kanda

Devil Craft: Kanda Tokyo
Large Chicago style( front) and small classic (back)

I like pizza. I like it a lot.

 Before I couldn't eat dairy, I used to eat it a lot. Now that I can no longer eat dairy I don't eat it very often :(.
Pizza in the uk is generally pretty good, I mean you're more likely to find good pizza than bad.
 Unfortunately the same can not be  said for Japan. :(
The occasionally  pizza I've had here, have mostly been crap bar the standard Pizza Hut/ dominos, which are  always the same everywhere just insanely expensive in Japan.  

Sooooo my post today is about pizza in Tokyo. Specifically Chicago style pizza. 

For a while a friend of mine talked of a place in Tokyo that served really good Chicago style pizza and Craft beers......interesting I thought (well apart from the beer.....i don't care about beer:O).

Finally I got the chance to go and I was not disappointed.

I can't really say I have had proper Chicago style pizza in a restaurant  before but I went to Devil Craft with people who had and they assured me it was pretty good.

 So Devil Craft in Kanda is in a  narrow building but inside it is very cosy and stylish. (no pictures I am afraid i forgot)

Taste? The pizzas were delicious.
 We order 2 large Chicago styles (Devil Daddy and ?)and 2 small classic style ( Bbq Chicken and Eden). The overall opinion was that the Chicago style ones we ordered were too tomato-y and the 2 classics we got were much better. In hindsight we wished that we had ordered  2 small chicagos and 2 large classics but oh well. Next time.

I also had a slice of pumpkin pie, which was a first for me. It was suprisingly delicious. ( Pumpkin pie isn't popular in the Uk) 

Price? Well when I think about how much pizza costs back in the UK, Devil Craft was VERRRRy expensive in comparison. Actually when I think about how much Pizza hut and Dominos cost in Japan and how big they's still expensive but I would go back.

Large is 2,700 to 3,700 roughly small is 1,150 to 1,850. 

Drinks? It's styled as a pizza and craft beer place and they do surprisingly  have a lot of craft beers. In all honesty I don't really care much for beer but I do like the occasionally craft beer. Devil Craft Kanda has 15 beers( i think), the ones I tired I really enjoyed ,I only got half pints. Like i said I am not much of a beer drinker. The other alcohol they have are some wines and belgian beers.

Service? Can't really  complain there. Only things I can think of felt like the food took a long time to come out(but that might have been because everyone was so hungry and I'm used to instant BAM food is done Japan)
Also  I didn't like having a set time frame to order. I'm unsure of it but at one point they told us we had half an hour left for ordering food. I guess if they do have some sort of policy like that in place its because they're quite popular.  Personally I like the option to louiter and order slowly and not feel like I'm being rushed out of the door.

Overall: I think I would visit here again, even though I am not a big fan of beer. I liked the pizza (and the pumpkin pie) and I liked the atmosphere. I'd recommend visiting it.

Pumpkin pie


  1. This sounds and looks absolutely delicious! I can agree that pizza can be pretty bad in Japan. That's mega expensive though when you think about it.

  2. It was soooo good, but so expensive (ToT)



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