Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Kiki & Lala cafe in Shibuya PARCO

I'm not actually a fan of Sanrio's characters Kiki & Lala but when Mirukut asked if I wanted to go I said yes. As it seemed like an interesting place and how often am I going to get the chance to go?

The Kiki & Lala cafe is on the 7F in Shibuya's PARCO. It opened in March and will close sometime in May( not sure when).

The cafe's decor is quite simple. There is a gift shop filled with many cute items and they have a statue of the characters that you can have you photo taken with.

( Above photos  are from the guest cafe Facebook)

Below are my photos from the cafe. I didn't take many as my iPhone takes awful photos.

So my visit....

It opens at 11am.  We went on a Friday morning and queue for well over an hour.
I ordered...
I forgot the name of this but it was delicious. Peach Sparkling non alcoholic sangria.

The hamburger plate was cute and delicious. The fries were crispy and while it doesn't look like a lot of food. It was very filling.
The pink burger was salmon  and the blue burger was just a regular beef one. It came with ketchup, two slices of cheese( the moon and star)..real cheese!! and the sweet wrapper contains a sweet pickle( which I hate).

Over all, it was worth the wait. Cute and delicious. It can be a bit expensive but it is open for a limited  period, so that didn't bother me.

Have you visited tho cafe? What character cafe would you like to see?

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