Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Unif Hellraisers

I've had my UNIF Hellraisers since November 2012. They were on my wish list for a while, 
 but it wasn't until the black friday/ cyber monday sale time that I bought a pair.

I don't like buying clothing online. I would do it occasionally but only if I knew the sizing system.
Buying these shoes was rather stressful. I read lots and lots of reviews, to try and work out what size I would be. It was confusing.

I am a UK 6.5/  JPN 24.5-25cm/  EUR 39.
Unif don't do half sizes, and the general advise is to size up if you're a half size.
Makes sense....however I have very narrow and skinny feet. I usually can't wear slip on shoes, as they just slip off:/

So after some thinking and talking with some wiser friends,  I sized down.
 As hell raisers are 100% leather.......and leather will stretch. Logical, right?

So I ordered a pair of US 8's  from Tilted sole (great shop), which is a EUR 38 1/2 and a JPN 24........I'm JPN 24.5-25cm. Oh uh. 
Anyways ...I waited and worried until finally my shoes arrived.
I opened the box......

  • Gorgeous 
  • Great quality and well made
  • Soft leather 

but I tried them on and.......... I regretted my decision to size down.

  • They were tight 
  • I had little faith they would stretch. 
  • However I could not send them back :(. Final sale.

After a lot of debating, I decided to keep them and try to stretch them.
About a month later (with some slight discomfit)..... they did stretch and I am so happy I kept them.

They are my favourite shoes, because they

  •  stretched to a perfect fit for me. 
  •  are very comfortable
  •  look amazing. 
  •  go with most clothes.
  •  are always a conversation starter. lol

WARNING: The spikes are sharp! I have caught myself in the ankles with these, and it does hurt.

For me sizing down was a good idea, but I have stupidly narrow feet. I have no idea if sizing down would be good for anyone else. If you do it, do it at your own risk.

Do you own these shoes? how did you find the sizing?
Do you  have any luck  buy clothing and shoes online? 

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