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Dupes and Make up products easily available to Uk gyaru:)

Ahh it was nearly a month ago I created this post:O
DISCLAIMER:This is just a collection of my thoughts and opinion,intended to inform not persuade:)I've tried to included links to sites I've brought from before but still be wary as I've included one or two sites I've not brought from just to show the products.

After reading Milichi's awesome nude lip tutorial ,I thought about making a post about products for getting nude lips that were easily avalible in the UK.
I then decided to make a whole post about products that were readily available in the UK for gyaru make upXD

Products that I've found while looking for similar things that I've seen in gyaru magazines
For lips:
Base~Either foundation ,concealer (I don't really use those two but their options)
I use Barry-m 101 Lip paint or MAC painterly paint pot

Followed by..
Glosses~Lancome strawberry sorbet,MAC oyster girl or c thru MAC Pink fish lip conditioner NYX and recently YSL Lingerie PinkXD

Products that are in gyaru mags that are available abroad

I see alot of Revlon, Boujois, l'oreal, Maybelline,The body shop,MAC and NARS products in model's make up bags and in tutorials in mags with Bobbi Brown cropping up recently.Their collections seem to be made up of drugstore brands ,some higher end brands and then Japanese brands such as Canmake,co&lu,Kate,Cezanne,Visee,AC, Charcott, Candydoll,RMK and a few others.
Some of which can be purchased from this website ~I have brought from them before and intend to buy again.

Scans from Jelly(Not by me)

Scans from Ranzuki (Not scanned by me)

Scans from Egg beauty 09 (Not scanned by me)

(all scans from Livejournal.I did not scan these)

Embryolisse Creme

I got mine from Screenface in London for about £14/15
I wanted to get this as I noticed it was being used a primer in most of the tutorials I saw it in.
I am really happy with it,I don't like moisterising my face(terrible I know) because it makes my skin feel greasy and grim(at least it does to me) with this my skin feels hydrated!I put it on a night and before my make up and the difference in my skin is lovely,its make it feel even and softXD

I also keep seeing NYX products croping up in some of the mags as well ,most recently a page spread in JELLY(which I can't seem to find at the moment) I recently brougt 2 palettes and a concealer from this seller they've not arrived yet but the seller has 100% feedback.


Eylure at the top and MAC #7 at the bottom

Dupe for MAC#7 lash=Eylure:Miss eylure Ava (avalible from Superdrugs or Boots)
These are what I used before I got some #7's.They look alot like to me tbh,placing them together you notice their differences in size and quality but their good for a cheap alternative.Only downside I can say is the fact they come pre glued(yuk) and it's abit of a pain to remove the glue,so I stick them to something to make the glue tacky and then remove it.
Eylure with MAC #33

MAC #7 and #33

Gosh ~Darling is allegedly a dupe for MAC myth.Personaly I don't know as I've never tried either as I feel MAC myth is too dark for my skin tone,but I intend to try gosh's Darling as its relatively inexpensive(in comparison)and Superdrugs often have a 3 for 2 offer on Gosh productsXD

Lower lashes~I get mine from Screenface in London,red cherry also sell lower lash and there are lots of ebay sellers now who are selling them!Just type in "lower lashes"
Top two sets are from Screenface and the bottom set are from ebay.

Sleek have some good quality shadows and blushes,I'm liking the pixie pink one recently,looks alot like some of the ones featured in the mags.(like Canmake and NARS)

Here it is compared with MAC Well dressed and Barry M (can't remember the name:O)

Glitter Liners~Collection 2000
I love these liners,I've not tried the urban decays ones but I have swatched them and these ones seem more packed with glitter imo:)

Hope this post was of use to someone:D
Questions and feedback are welcome.

I'll proberly continue to add to this as Im not 100% happy with it but I just wanted to finally post it up.


  1. oooh, i love this post!

    thanks 4 the info & 4 the pages you buy in, dear!
    i love that eyelashes on your eyes.

    sorry 4 my very bad

  2. The MAC lashes look amazinggg on you & congrats on finding a good moisturizer! I have oily skin so it's hard for me to find one that doesn't make my face feel greasier, ugh XD I use one by Clinique that is pretty good though.
    Those glitter liners are lovely! *__*



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