Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Hope everyone had a good Xmas and New YearXD

I've been abit busy recently with xmas and friends coming to visit,so I've not really found much time to be online.hence my lack of comments,I will catch up:)

Photo Post!!

Snow from before xmas, early morning snow is the best:)

The weekend Before Xmas I went down to London to visit people and see the bf.
We went to the Westfield centre,were we did some shopping and ate Vietnamese food,it was very tastyXD
Westfield ceiling,very festiveXD


The nest day we went to Bluewater for a friends birthday meal at TGI Fridays and I caved in at John Lewis as they had 10% of make up that day.......and got my first YSL product!!Love it!

From earlier in the month~both MAC I think
Curling my old extensions and finally getting them to look good!!
Brought criss cross lashes from ebay~I love them!

Wearing the above lashes!(I trimed my eyebrows abit more here too,what do u think?)Few hair products I brought to try out
Yay for deals,Fat hair was 2 for £7 and the dove was £1 and the Tresemme was about £1.50XD

Boxing day purchases,the shops where largely dissapointing but I did get 2 items from River island.New skinnys and a checked shirt/dressXD
The shirt is sooo soft,and the detailling is gorgeous!

Xmas eve make up,I'm loving my MAC #33 and those Criss cross lashes
Outfit shot for Boxing day night(?that reads weird) I worn the shirt with more opaque tights later in the week which worked better then leggings.
Make up for the night

My other heart quilt bag is slowly breaking so i got another one on sale,bit different from mine but still cute:) £5 I seem to be quite the bargin hunter this month.

and finally I purchased this yesterday!!!I was debating it for about 3 weeks,since my old ipod only lasts a hour which is very fustrating as I'm usually left with nothing to do on my return journey but twiddle my thumbs....blah.Got it at work for £90 since it was an obsolete product on our files.
So far I love it!Just wish my itunes wasn't being bloody awkward and would let me remove dead/broken tracks.

I forgot I saw Sherlock Holmes yesterday,it was surprisingly good:)


  1. ooh!! nice snap!! i love your style!
    i like the hat and the skirt! they are so cute!

    i have to buy more false eyelashes...but i don´t know when...¬¬ mmMmMm...i supose after this week, hahaha
    the eyelashes look cute on you!!
    i have to say that you have very beautiful eyes!! ^___^ i like them!

  2. im loving all your eye make up!
    and that YSL lipstick shade looks so pretty!
    happy new year!!

  3. That YSL lipstick looks so pretty! I love your hair♥

  4. Wow, super-nice gets!!! :3 I love the skirt & the furry knapsack, haha!
    The extensions look really pretty on you too~ you curled them amazingly! :O & of course your make is gorgeous.
    Hope you're having a good new year so far! <3

  5. so cute!!!! i like your shopping

  6. Love the skirt and the heart quilted bag! I need one of those :P



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