Sunday, 24 January 2010

update and IN and Out 3

Soo its been a busy weekend,I moved bedrooms yesterday,after a lick of paint,some organising and ruthless binning ,all of my belongings are in a home in my new bigger room:)
I'll post pics when its completed.

I completely forgot to post about something.
Months and months ago I posted asking about shopping services and recently after decideing for my resolution to only buy clothing I really like and know I will wear, I made a purchase:O
 Its exciting checking my order status, sad I know but I've never brought any clothing using a shopping service before XD

 So on to my INs and OUTs for this week:)


I'm mostly meaning the palettes I got recently  but the other NYX products I've got are really good as well. The palettes thou are awesome, I’m especially loving my #3champagne and caviar one this week which is filled with a lovely selection of browns and neutrals. The quality of the shadows is wonderful, their pigmented and silky  XD and to top it off the price is good.
Two palettes for around £13 including p+p~here

Maybelline colossal Mascara
I tend not to buy a lot of western cosmetic because the adverts they make annoy me, you know the ones with the small print saying "filmed with lash inserts" or "Some natural hair extensions used" personally I think if the products actually do what they advertise to  then why use the lash inserts or extensions. Thus I conclude they must not work like they claim  and I don't waste my money!
However I don't write products entirely off ,I just research a lot before I buy.
Anyways this mascara has replaced my Déjà vu Fiber wig which I brought to replace my Majolica Majorca extend elegantly(which I intend to repurchase).
My fiber wig has been annoying me recently, while you can get great length with it ,its a bit timely to do so and its not as black as I would like for my mascara to be. Whereas colossal gives my lashes volume and really makes my lashes stand out.
My only annoyance  with it is that I don't own the waterproof version, not that I've had mascara running down my face in the day or anything  its just personal preference that my mascaras are waterproof:)

Bit of an odd one I know, but I was so impressed I had to write about it.
While I'm not really a passionate believer in alternate therapies I don't disbelieve either.
However the last year or so one of my cats has been ill, the vet thought it was arthritis or epilepsy and all the meds she gave made him a little better but didn't cure him and he ended up chubby and unhappy:(
After watching his "fits" I realised they looked more like pain spasms and seem to be originating from his lower back, which was confirmed by him spasming every time anyone even put their hand over that area. He was so bad we even thought we'd have to put him down!

So I  decided to treat him with homeopathy seeing as nothing the vet prescribed really worked .....month down the line....he's fine. Absolutely fine! its bizarre, I’ve been giving him Hypericum for nerve damage and he’s like a brand new cat!

(taken by my sister)

 Good conversation with good people
Awww  almost sickening but isn't it wonderful to have a fantastic convo with an interesting fun person !! I mention it as today I went for coffee with an old friend of mine ,every time I see him we always have such interesting and in depth convos but talk about silly things as well i.e. his disaster plans he made for work which included what they'd do if zombies attacked...ehhh:S I wish I'd  been there when his boss read that!


My lack of a decent camera!!!! Its beginning to frustrate me a lot, I'll have a blog entry in mind and try to take some decent pictures for it and usually give up as the quality is never how it looks in real life. I know "A bad workman always blames his tools" but I swear it just doesn't look the same!!
I had plans recently to post an eyeliner tips post /possible a tutorial ,I've taken the photos and while they don't look awful they don't look nearly as crisp or vibrant as it does in real life. AHhhhhhh frustrating!!


  1. Thanks for post on my blog and for follow me!! ^^
    Oh!! the Maybelline mascara is good?? I wanted to buy it but I have the problem that I always run across the mask and do not like, that does not run? really good? makes you very beautiful eyelashes? if you say that goes well, I might buy it. That black cat is wonderful! I love black cats! I have one!! ^^

  2. @darkjapanesee~XD Yay for black cats!! I do like the maybelline mascara,it hasn't run for me even thou its not waterproof but I'd get waterproof just to be sure as noone wants mascara down their face:)

  3. Yay great post!

    I'm glad your cat is better, I would hate it if my pet was ill ):

    I'm always unsure when buying mascara, I don't want my money to be wasted D:

  4. The clossal got pimped like a mofo to gals. Plaza in b2 of 109 had tall displays and they took out so much print ads for it. I really want to try it, too (to replace my old hyped mascara <_<)

  5. @Clairy~Thank you:)Its horrible when pets get ill:(

    @Mitsu~I saw it was getting lots of promo in gal mags recently, it was insane! I do like it thou,I'll have to post comparison photos:)

  6. I hate the small print too :p

    loving the cat ^^ its a really good photo ^^

  7. Can't wait to see your shopping service buys! <3
    I'm totally buying the Colossal this weekend since I just ran out of mascara too, haha~ I've used it before & liked it, & of course the recent hype on it doesn't hurt either!



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