Tuesday, 12 January 2010

In and out 2

Again I actually have something to put into an in and out post.

Embryolisse cream!
Love this!
I have never liked moisturising my face,i always felt it made my face feel grim and greasy,which was probably a knock on effect of not moisturising it .
I don't have especially dry skin,its more combination with my previous lack of moisturising not helping my skin at all.So I use it both morning and night, and my skin feels smoother and softer and I will defiantly buy this again!

Second products is a blush I've had for about a month.
Its Sleeks Pixie Pink,Love this too!

I use it over MAC well dressed to give my blush alittle more of a pink pop,very pigmented and a really gorgeous colour (doesn't it look abit like NARS~Desire?)
comparison photo

Wow blurry MAC on the left and Sleek on the right


The snow!
As pretty as it is and awesome that the kids get school off ,it's just caused me havoc and made me very late for work!Where's my snow day!
I'd also like to wear shoes that aren't weather specific and be able to walk without the fear of slipping!


  1. the snow...ommmmmg....
    i missd a week and a half of work but omg i really really dont want to spend any more time in the house leh!!

  2. i hate the snow!!!
    i don´t like it...because it make the weather more freezy!! ¬_¬
    here, in pamplona, is snowing these days...¬¬

  3. Hey!! I'm a spanish girl!! I love gyaru!!!
    Your blog is so kawaii!!! ♥ I'm follow you now!! :)
    My blog: http://japanyumiworld.blogspot.com
    please enjoy!!

    kisses ♥



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