Friday, 24 September 2010

Bye bye 23 ,hello 24 (TOT)

So another year has gone and I'm another year older(TOT)
I for the most part hate my birthdays, they just represent another year wasted to me and they're usually disappointing. However the last couple of years, despite the birthday blues, I 've actually had a really awesome time.
So for this year, I wanted to have a picnic but being  weather dependent plans, they got ruined  and I had to resort to my back up plan of bowling(not too awful).

There was an underlining pissed off feeling at the "friends" who didn't even text to say they weren't coming (I hate rudeness!its not that hard to text) but that was thankfully overshadowed by the awesome people who did turn up, cos really everyone I wanted to be there was(bar 1 or 2 who told me they couldn't make it) XD

Bowling was awesome and either I don't suck as much at it anymore or my friends were purposely being rubbish:D so I did better than I usually do.
I made cupcakes for the occasion.They came out much better then the previous ones,what a difference having a proper tray can make:D

Outfit and FOTD

Cupcakes XD strawberry jam mixed into the sponge and vanilla buttercream icing(hehe soya ones I might add...noone knew)

I'm at the top ~102!! woop ,i've probably done better but i know I'd done worse:D

Received a letter from my friend,was address to "Boohoo,Johnny and Sally"XD love Peep Show

Inside was a drawing of somersaulting cats(wearing jumpers?)!!!!so cute!!

Totally forgot to take photos of my gifts:O opps

So after being elated about my bday,I've return to being my usual glum self.I hate being glum,most of the time I suppress it and am cheery largely cos I just don't think about how shit things are .
Ultimately thou I hate my job,I hate my town ,I'm in pain from my shoulder(which stops me sleeping) and for most of the time I feel like I'm bitter and angry.

I just can't pick what I want to do with my life,reminds me of high school when we had to pick our options for GCSE's and they made this big thing about it~ "it decides your whole life,you must pick your career at 14 blah blah blah" I didn't know what I want to be when I was 14 ...I still don't know.
What I do know thou is I DO NOT WANT TO WORK IN SHITTY RETAIL!!!!! I absolutely hate it and its easy enough to say "just quit" but I have bills to pay and thus can't afford to be out of work.
Besides the rare jobs that are available ,I've been applying to and nothing has come of it:(
So I'm gonna have to(reluctantly) stick it out(while internal thinking of Philip the cat)

So now I'm faced with my long running dilemma of "What do I want to do with my life?" Im just tired of thinking about it tbh.
I still want to teach English, but I can't imagine doing that for ever and since I can't afford to do multiple courses , I'm gonna have to pick something I can see myself doing FOREVERRRR. Which brought me back to an idea I touched upon while still in 6th form but wrote off because my dad said it wasn't a good career(moral of that~don't listen to my dad) so I'm thinking of training to be a make up artist...thinking.
Im on holiday from work next week,so Im gonna think really hard about my options.

Next time I post I hope to have some videos:D and then Im off to Wales for the week,figured fuck it why not.I need a break from crappy Norfolk.
 Also I put in a new contact box to the left under my profile,with a new email address solely for this blog and links to my twitter and formspring.: )

Monday, 20 September 2010

Circle lenses -Mini review of old and new lenses

So wayyyy back in.... March I recieved some circle lenses and I'm only just posting about them:O

First alittle info,
I've been wearing glasses for 10 years,daily disposable lenses for 8 years and circle lenses for 2 years.

I'd like to state as well, that I love my natural eye colour and wear coloured lenses for fun and am not bothered about enlargement.Just thought I'd point that out as I've had comments before along the lines of "you don't need to wear circle lenses ,your natual eye  colour's lovely"  although a nice comment, it pisses me off that people make assumptions as to why I wear something.....Its like assuming I wear makeup because I hate my face (which I don't :D I just love make up) etc etc

Anyways there's been some press recently about the "dangers " of circle lenses and imo as long as your smart about wearing them their as dangerous as normal lenses.Not to trivialise that there are dangers but  here's something to think about ~ popular big names western companies  are making their own versions,hmm.

How can you be smart about wearing them?

  • Buy from reputable companies and make sure you've got authentic lenses
  • Looking after your lenses properly~Jen of Sushi cat wrote an entry which i think has excellent info on taking care of your lenses 
  • Don't sleep in them and don't wear them for too longer 

 My natural eye colour
I have Hazel eyes,which sometimes seem more brown or more green

Past lenses I've tried 

All brought from

Geo Angel Grey

G&G bt02

Geo Angel Brown
 All of them compared(since it was too long ago i had them to review them individually) 

  • G&Gs were the most comfortable 
  • the Geo Angels weren't awful but they were less comfortable than the Geo's I use now

  • Personally I prefer designs like the G&G as its more subtle but the Geo Angels look great too
Would I buy them again:
Overall,yes and no,YES as their was nothing wrong with them and NO because I like experimenting and trying new lenses:)

New lenses from March

So in March I received my lenses  I brought from

Geo Honey wing ~EOS Misty Grey
Geo Nudy Brown~EOS King Browns
I brought  4 on a promo she was doing,buy 3 get a 4th free.

Geo Honey Wing
The comfort on Geo lenses  has vastly improved since I tried the Angels.I find these lenses  to be very comfortable and I hardly have to apply drops.Out of the 2 I wear regularly (Nudy&Wing) these are the least drying.
I like the design of these,its subtle but not.By that I mean ,they're not as dramatic and noticeable as lenses with a full black ring on the outer edge but they aren't as natural as other lenses.
Would I buy again: 
EOS Misty Grey (only pic i have.sorry)
Unfortunately my pair were faulty,so I never got to properly test them.However on wearing the one that wasn't faulty.I can say they felt like they had more moisture then all my other lenses and where very comfortable:D
I love the design of these,I originally wanted the green mistys but they don't make those in my prescriptions:(
I was drawn to these lenses as they blend into the iris unlike other lenses i have which have the hole in the middle which can look alittle fake.
Would I buy again:
 Yes,though I'd want the greens

Geo Nudy Brown

Very comfortable,these are my most worn lenses (along with the wings) as you can probably guess by the amount of times i post pics with them:D They can be alittle more drying then my wings,but overall they're comfortable lenses.
Love the design,natural and blends well with my natural colour
Would I buy again: 
Yes,definitely though i'd like to try some of the other colours aswell
Have yet to try my EOS kings

About the companies I brought from:
Both have ready to buy and preorders,since i have awful eyesight I usually have to preorder. never had any problems with secreteyes,the 1st pair of Geo Angel greys I got where faulty but after contacting Secreteyes ,she sorted it out for me and sent me new ones.
Japanese ordered from her last time as I wanted to try EOS lenses and at the time secreteyes wasn't stocking them.
My 1st order got screwed up by the lenses company who sent japanesecandy the wrong ones,but she emailed me and returned all my money.So I placed a second order and had no problems until I had a fault with my EOS lenses and tried to contact her.Basically she either didn't get my emails or just didn't reply,but nothing was ever done about my lenses being faulty.Oh well,you win some and lose some.Other than that there were no problems.
I think next time I order lenses I'll try out pinkyparadise(as its highly rated) and possible go for the candymagic lenses,they look interesting(and I've always wanted purple/violet eyes)
Good places for reviews~
 other reviews:)

I seldomly do reviews,so hopefully this was ok.Feedback always welcome.

Thursday, 16 September 2010


Figured I'd post a little recent purchases post,I haven't be buying alot the last 3/4 months as I've been trying to save:D

 I forgot I also picked this up when I went to Cambridge at the beginning of August.My 1st MAC lipstick,its Cremecup which is a cremesheen.So far I really like it.

When I met up with Bloomzy at the end of August,I got a usamimi finally:D my 1st pair of ballet pumps(none have ever stayed on my feet before) Sleek contour kit(love) and some baby shampoo for my make up brushes(yep exciting:D)


From my trip to London at the beginning of September I visited the Inglot store in the Westfield centre.I am hooked!It was the main reason I went tbh,but I also went into other shops and did find a bowler hat in H&M,which I brought and then had to return cos it was too small:( so now im bowler less again.

This is what I went for........the freedom system
What is it? Its a system that lets you customise you palettes you can pick from 2,3,5,10 etc etc lip,blushes,eyeshadows,face powder..etc
Basically when you go in you have a magnetic board and go around the centre island picking up pans and putting them on you board.When you done the assistant takes them away,gets you new ones and puts them in your new palette.
Here what I picked,I tried to pick colours i didn't have already:D LOVE IT

I wondered into River Island sometime last week(to originally pick up some Henry Holland tights i couldn't stop thinking about:O) and I came out with this.My 1st maxi dress,I like alot of other ones I'd seen but they didn't fit right,H&M's were see-throughish and about a foot longer then me(:O and im 5'9) Love this one thou,long sleeved ,not too clingy,tie dye... only wish it was a tad longer but oh well:D

and finally I had to return the previous mention bowler:( and the nearest H&M is in Cambridge so i took a little shopping trip on my own in search of replacing it but they had none.As i was leaving thou a bandage skirt caught my eye and when i tried it on ,i liked the way it fitted.
Also took a trip to Primark,found ..nothing except a cute hotwater bottle.Seriously i found nothing i wanted in there and its a big Primark.
Somethings were nice but the quality of the item was nasty and cheap(yes i know its a cheap shop) but I'd just prefer to pay extra and know its better made and gonna last(hence my fave shops are Zara,RI and H&M ..sometimes)

As you can see in the pic I visited the MAC shop, I ONLY purchases an empty palette so I'd like to point out that those are my original shadows I depotted and put into to the palette.(just forgot to photo it empty:O)

   and then there is this......looks naf on the hanger but its such a cute little dress.Feels alittle  Kelly Brookeish,Wei son,Maya(perhaps?),vintage to me.I love that the skirt sits high on the waist but doesn't make me look massive(well to me it doesn't:D)


Still to come vids ,reviews and tutorials...i haven't forgotten

Music Im loving at the moment

Haven't posted a "Music Im loving at the moment" post for a while either heres what I've been listening to recently.

Can't seem to embed this one but it's Mark Ronson's the bike song ,just sounds very nostalgic and relaxing to me:D

Also been abit addicted to Katy Perry's teenage dream song (and also her..shes my current  positive body role model  because shes curvy:D)

Still loving Ellie Goulding and The XX too:D

Found all my old cds too recently so couldn't resist playing them , listened to abit of Nivana,Metallica and some Less then Jake.It was really odd listening to music i used to play soo much when i was 14 again:) I like having that nostalgic feeling thou.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

update:August ,WC and pirate party

Another photo update post,this is from August

Finally got my hands on the "I don't like spring top" I wanted the grey one originally as i figured it would suit me better and go with more clothes but i still love the red one.
Just super happy to own it,got another plastic bag (but not a polka dot one:( )finally got a catalog too and I also brought the kumatan's gf head deco for my phone(which for some odd reason i left in the bubble wrap for this pic:S)
Wore it out for a trip to Cambridge
 Came back with a varsity/school/preppy cardy...i have been searching for one like this for about a year,finally!!!

Had the urge to change my cleansing routine,so I investigates and got some samples of Dermalogica.
Really liked their cleansing oil and rice exfoliate,will purchase at a later date

Somewhere at the beginning of August or the end of July I went to a friends pirate bbq party,since hes back yard is all things piratey(his whole family likes pirates) it was obviously a pirate dress up.I had a shoddy paper hat I made and I made a parrot for a friend out of paper:S it was surprisingly good:O

On to my make up for the night ,wore my jewerich lower lashes.I wore my defective pair,which i cut up so i only wore the ends and then added in dollywink no5 further in and ardell lashes on top.

Wore my extensions for the 1st time in ages too,and backcombed them ..perhaps alittle too much:O I also badly needed my fringe cut:(
 Completed outfit,not gyaru since its suppose to be pirate themed

 Some other purchases and random pics

Giant Guess sunniesXD though I've not had much of a chance to wear them:(

 Brought a new purse after about 2 years of saying "i need to buy a purse"

        Visited some pretty places in Norfolk

Castle favourite castle

Won for once at Smash bros...I never win!

Ate yummy Chinatown cake in London XD

And finally ....took photos of pretty sunsets:D

I also meet up with the lovely Bloomzy in August before she went away to Tokyo but I forgot to edit the pics:O


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